New dutchgrub Design – Draft

A great designer has been working with me on a new design for the dutchgrub blog. Here is a little preview of the comic style Febo machine banner, red logo text full of swing and red and yellow color scheme.

Draft of new dutchgrub design
Draft of new dutchgrub design

3 thoughts on “New dutchgrub Design – Draft”

  1. Hi Carol!

    Ron Blaauw certainly is very good. It’s one of only two restaurants in Amsterdam with two Michelin stars. Actually, it’s in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, a little village on the outskirts of Amsterdam.

    It’s a typical Michelin star – modern French cuisine, very professionally run and very expensive.

    I usually prefer smaller restaurants with a more exciting menu that dare to be different. And I have heard many people wondering whether the Michelin inflated price tag is actually worth it.

    There are four suggestions in my post on best restaurants in Amsterdam: As an alternative to Ron Blaauw you might want to consider De Kas – beautifully located in a former green house, meticulously prepared food and attentive service!


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