Best Amsterdam Brunch List Updated

Our Best Amsterdam Brunch List has been immensely popular and also due for an update.

When we started the list in 2012, good brunches were much harder to find, and we were thankful for Lovefood to open doors, first as a pop-up and later as a daily brunch. Well, Lovefood has come and gone, but today there are quite a few good brunch options.

We are delighted to have added Kiwi-run Bakers & Roasters as well as Aussies Little Collins to our list. With Dutch brunch and lunch favorites Gartine and Brits Greenwood’s still going strong – both original list members – the list is just as international as Amsterdam itself.

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Craving for many varieties of eggs and great coffee? Check out our Best Amsterdam Brunch List and head over to one of our favorites!

6 thoughts on “Best Amsterdam Brunch List Updated”

  1. We loved Bakers & Roasters when it first opened, but I think it’s being killed by its own success. The last time we went it was 40 minutes wait (at 10am on Sunday), my “poached” eggs were hardboiled, and it was insanely loud in there. I’m a bigger fan of Drover’s Dog these days.

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  3. Loving that list. Sweet tips. When visiting lovely Amsterdam I prefer to schedule where I brunch/lunch or eat first, and let the plan develop itself from there. I will check out some of those locations in the center. I also heard a lot about De Drie Graefjes.

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