Best Amsterdam Brunch List Updated

Our Best Amsterdam Brunch List has been immensely popular and also due for an update.

When we started the list in 2012, good brunches were much harder to find, and we were thankful for Lovefood to open doors, first as a pop-up and later as a daily brunch. Well, Lovefood has come and gone, but today there are quite a few good brunch options.

We are delighted to have added Kiwi-run Bakers & Roasters as well as Aussies Little Collins to our list. With Dutch brunch and lunch favorites Gartine and Brits Greenwood’s still going strong – both original list members – the list is just as international as Amsterdam itself.

dutchgrub best amsterdam brunch

Craving for many varieties of eggs and great coffee? Check out our Best Amsterdam Brunch List and head over to one of our favorites!

Fier Amsterdam – Uncomplicated Dining

Restaurant Fier – as in French for proud rather than Dutch for four – is uncomplicated dining Belgian style.

fier dining room and bar

The menu is simple. There are six choices on the menu, all tried and true comfort food favorites: Burger, chicken, hangar steak, pot roast and a daily fish and vegan special. Each is accompanied by a choice of different style of French fries, veggies or salad, and four sauces.

Most of the food is cooked in the Big Green Egg – an ever more popular combined grill, oven and smoker. It turned out lovely smokey chicken, juicy burger with lots of truffle sauce, and succulent rare, almost blue hangar steak.

fier onglet

The opening hours are convenient. Every day from 10am to 10pm for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and drinks at the bar until late.

The service is quick and friendly, the tap water put on your table right away without having to ask for it, the wine list short but adequate, with all wines available per bottle or by the glass, and the beer options vast.

The decor is simple with bare brick walls, a semi-open kitchen, a long bar and also ample seating outside.

fier kitchen and charcoal

And prices are quite affordable at € 16,- for any of the main courses.

We dined quite comfortably and without any complications!
De Clercqstraat 79
1053 AG Amsterdam
Tel.: +31 (0)20 22 17 449
Open every day from 10am to 10pm
Public transport: Tram 3, 12, 13, or 14 to De Clercqstraat
Cuisine: Belgian
Neighborhood: Oud West
Vibe: Uncomplicated
Price: €30 to €40 per person

Little Collins – The Friendliest Brunch in Amsterdam

Australians are renowned all over the world for their friendly laid-back attitude. So that’s what we expected when deciding to try Little Collins, a small brunch place and cafe run by Aussies Charlotte and Georgina. And we certainly were not disappointed!

There’s a friendly atmosphere all around – a happy voice on the other end of the line when making the reservation, a warm hello upon entering the cafe, a modern but warm interior design and all the favorites from mimosas to muesli on the menu. Even our group of picky eaters requiring extra large coffees, spinach on the side or caramelized onions omitted were no match for the good mood of the waitress.

Even though we could hardly wait to try Stan’s bangers and mash, we were quickly won over, lowered pace a few notches and decided to start with a few cocktails. And Little Collins came through on multiple fronts, good execution on classic Bloody Mary and interesting flavors in a Tokyo version with rice vinegar and wasabi.

We were equally happy about the food, and for the same reasons. The classic comfort food dishes like sausages and eggs in several variations are no frills but well executed. The classics are spiced up by less standard concoctions like kedgeree (smoked mackerel and saffron rice) or coriander and corn fritters. And the menu is rounded off by the “big one” – sausage, eggs, beans and more for the hungry Aussies.
1e Sweelinckstraat 19-F
1073 CL Amsterdam
Tel.: +31 (0)20 6732293
Public Transport: Trams 4, 7, 10, 25 to Stadhouderskade or tram 3 to Ceintuurbaan
Cuisine: Brunch
Neighborhood: De Pijp
Vibe: Friendly