White Truffles at Feduzzi

white truffle at feduzzi
white truffle at Feduzzi

Yesterday it was time for a trip to Feduzzi to pick up some of their own import parma ham, Parmesan, fresh pasta and some other delights. Upon arrival my mood got even better as I was greeted by signs announcing the availability of fresh white truffles!

tagliatelle with parmesan sauce and shaved wite truffle
tagliatelle with Parmesan sauce and shaved wite truffle

I immediately asked to see them and was not disappointed – a large bowl of beautiful white truffles carefully kept on dry rice and under saran wrap. Ever proud of their merchandise the Feduzzi staff was quick to lift the wrap and let me smell the truffles. The smell was intense and I knew that the truffles were fresh and top quality. In fact, they had arrived that same morning!

Dinner plans were quickly adapted to fresh tagliatelle with a Parmesan and crème fraîche sauce and shaved truffles. Delicious!