Number of Amsterdam Michelin Stars Grows to 20 in 2014

The number of Michelin stars in Amsterdam keeps growing. The number has now gone up six years in a row. And rather fast recently, from 11 stars in 2012, to 15 last year and a total of 20 this year!

The biggest contribution to the total this year came from Librije’s Zusje – which as its name suggest is the sister restaurant of three star Librije, located outside of Amsterdam. Bord’Eau, after entering the list last year, climbed to two stars, while Ron Gastrobar gladly sacrificed one of its stars to change to a more informal style.

Then there were three restaurants that received their first star, Bridges, also affiliated with Ron Blaauw, Sinne, one of the few cozier Michelin restaurants not based in a hotel, and Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant Sazanka.

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