Farewell Witte Uyl and Lovefood

We’re very sad to see two of our favorite restaurants in Amsterdam close down. Both De Witte Uyl and Lovefood closed doors over the last weeks.

De Witte Uyl had been on our list of Best Amsterdam Restaurants since 2009. And Lovefood was one of our Best Amsterdam Brunch places for the last three years. Our lists change rarely – it takes several extraordinary dinners before a restaurant is included. And the restaurants on the lists have shown amazing consistency in their quality. That makes it even harder to see two of them go.

We’re incredibly thankful for all the hard work and uncompromising passion for good food that owners Annemieke and Jason and their teams have put into their restaurants. They set themselves high standards and weren’t satisfied unless those were met day in and day out.

And true to themselves, both owners decided to close shop at the top of their game. With their dining rooms still filled with happy guests every night, even in times of economic crisis, Annemieke and Jason decided that it was time to move on, leave troubles with landlords, diners who don’t get the concept of inventive desserts like the chocolate board, or large numbers of no shows behind, and start new exciting projects.

Annemieke has actually already moved to France and opened three fantastic apartments for rent, naturally each with a big, fully equipped kitchen. And Jason is working on a new idea to be revealed in 2014.

Thank you very much, Annemieke and Jason, good luck with your new projects and please keep us posted!

9 thoughts on “Farewell Witte Uyl and Lovefood”

  1. Very sad to see Witte Uyl shut its doors – some wonderful dinners (and service!) there over the three years since I moved to De Pijp.

    And sad that I never made my intended visit to Lovefood…

  2. We opened 3 gites (indeed self catering holiday apartments) in Sainte Sabine Born (GPS 44.703706752318546,0.7389754056930542) At the moment we are going through a trial period of 3 months with friends, family and ex guests from De Witte Uyl. It is great and I really love it. Everybody helps doing garden jobs etc. It is like a very small village with just nice people. All the gites are decorated in an designer industrial look having kept the original details of the buildings dating from early 1800. Of course every gite has its own luxury kitchen with all the utensils. Cooking is still my hobby and I cook for everybody on Monday so we have a get to know each other dinner. Next year we’ll have our own vegetable garden. For now I have created just a herb garden to make a. o. my own pesto (sage, pistachio, parmesan cheese or lovage and cashew nuts) I even have SHISO (great with those lovely French coeur de boeuf tomatos. In October we will start making our website. Meanwhile I still read Dutchgrub of course

  3. It’s moments like these that make me regret that I never made it back to Witte Uyl after my first time in 1999, when I lived around the corner.

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