New List: Trendiest Amsterdam Restaurants

Our lists of the Best Amsterdam Restaurants or the Best Brunch or Best Pizza are very popular. And while we’ve been wanting to post a list of cool restaurants for a while we’ve been reluctant as this blog is about the best food and not the most exciting design or hippest crowd.

Luckily there are a number of restaurants that have it all. They stand out for being trendy – drawing the in crowd and looking stylish. But they also serve great food. And they have made the first version of dutchgrub’s Trendiest Amsterdam Restaurants list. Be sure to check it out and read about Bistrot Neuf, De Kas and Hotel De Goudfazant.

3 thoughts on “New List: Trendiest Amsterdam Restaurants”

  1. Dear Dutchgrub,

    We will be staying at the Estherea Hotel and would like to know of good eats nearby. We love to eat and love all cuisines.


    Thanks so much!
    Visitor from USA

  2. Hi Sara,

    The Estherea Hotel is very centrally located, so there are plenty of great restaurants as recommended on our blog near you.

    Two of our favorites, Balthazar’s Keuken ( and Blauw aan de Wal ( are less than a 10 minute walk away.

    You might also enjoy some great Belgian beers at very Amsterdam brown cafe Gollem, and satisfy a hearty lunch appetite with one of the enormous sandwiches at Broodje Bert (, both less than 5 minutes from the hotel.

    Have fun in the ‘Dam!


  3. I think Gollem is the centre is not open anymore, only the one at the Overtoom. It has got something to do with licenses. Anyway a great alternative is ‘t Arendsnest at the herengracht where they serve hundreds of Dutch beers. Before I discovered it I never knew there were so many small breweries in Holland. Have fun!

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