Altmann Restaurant and Bar – Trendy Fusion

Update: Restaurant Altmann closed doors at the end of November 2010.

Altmann Restaurant and Bar is old school, classy service in cool, dark leathery decor. The 19th century building, accentuated by a round tower overlooking the Amstel river, is representative. And so is the service, welcoming you outside the door, taking your coat and offering you a cocktail at the bar by the entrance.

dutchgrub altmann - outsidedutchgrub altmann - inside

The inside at Altmann is split into several areas, a bar and lounge by the entrance, the main dining room by the windows towards the Amstel and a slightly elevated area towards the back. The color scheme is stylish black and white illuminated by a very warm, indirect light from many small lamps and candles. Altmann is one of the few places in Amsterdam where you won’t be overdressed. The decor, waiters clad in perfect black and elegant guests make for the perfect surroundings to go out in style.

Like the decor, the menu is trendy, luring fancy diners with a mix of French and Asian cuisine with the occasional Dutch treat. Sashimi with hangop, a traditional Dutch clotted yogurt with lime, giant prawn risotto with Thai tom yam sauce, or beef tenderloin with kimchi and bitterballen, Dutch meat croquettes, oriental style, caught our eyes. We liked  the inventive menu and fresh ingredients, but could have done with more flavor. Several dishes were on the bland side and especially lacking spiciness. You can dine à la carte, opt for the set four course chef’s menu, or go all out with a seven course tasting menu.

dutchgrub altmann - softshell crabdutchgrub altmann - tenderloin with bitterballendutchgrub altmann - tomato bavarois

The service was immaculate. Well dressed, present and with attention to detail. We usually prefer more character and humor but could appreciate the precision and orderliness. Staff is clearly well trained and was happy to inquire with the chef or owner to satisfy these foodies’ inquisitive nature. Credit card payments, online reservation and all other amenities required for a successful formal dinner are available.

Altmann Restaurant and Bar won’t disappoint those looking for quiet, stylish dinner put together with care from select ingredients.
Amsteldijk 25
1074 HS Amsterdam
Tel.: +31 (0)20 6627777
Open: Restaurant closed since late November 2010.
Public Transport: Tram 3, 4, or 25 to Ceintuurbaan / van Woustraat
Cuisine: Fusion
Neighbourhood: De Pijp
Vibe: Trendy
Price: €60 to €100 per person

A slightly modified version of this article also appeared in the October edition of Amsterdam Magazine – Beyond Windmills, Wooden Shoes and Weed.

4 thoughts on “Altmann Restaurant and Bar – Trendy Fusion”

  1. Just found your blog. I am an expat living in Amsterdam and struggle to find restaurants all the time… will be checking out your blog for inspiration in future 🙂

    BTW, did you see the recent issue of Time Out for Best of Amsterdam 2010? Be interested to see what you thought of it..

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for your great blog! As a fan of excellent food and wine, I have really enjoyed reading it.

    Wanted to ask you, if you have ever been to Envy on Prinsengracht?

    I browsed some reviews but they seem to vary a lot and wanted to hear if you have an opinion about the place?

    Thanks in advance.

    Keep up the good work!!!

  3. Hi Hanna,

    I’ve indeed been to Envy (and their sisters Nevy and Vyne). It’s a good restaurant, although I found them focused more on appearance than food and wasn’t super keen on the scene and prices.


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