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I first read about L’Amuse, a new cheese store in Amsterdam, on Stadionweg, on Klary’s blog. She posted many mouthwatering pictures and a long write up of a cheese tasting. It all really sounded too good and I made a mental note to stop by L’Amuse on my next trip to my favorite bakery Le Fournil just down the road.

Then just a few days later I saw a feature on zestz about burrata, a fresh Italian cheese that is a mix of mozzarella and cream. I love the buttery flavor and smooth creamy texture of burrata. Unfortunately it’s hard to find as it’s only produced in Italy and cannot be kept for long. When I found out on zestz that L’Amuse sells burrata, I had to go there immediately.

l'amuse cheese store amsterdam - burrata

I did go and was not disappointed! The store is located on Stadionweg and has a modern, spacious design with a large wooden table in the back. The cheeses are on display in a large refrigerated display case. And the two friendly guys running the store know everything about them.

I asked about their favorites and recommendations and was very pleased to be allowed a small taste of the cheeses that interested me. They were all very good, but I had to decide and in the end went home with a brie de meaux, a sharp Montgommery’s cheddar and a fruity comté. And of course the main prize, a wonderful burrata.

In case you cannot decide, you might want to check out their web site, which has a complete list of cheeses with full classification and long descriptions.

l'amuse cheese store amsterdam - cheeses

Stadionweg 147
1076 NM Amsterdam
Tel: +31-20-6707559
Open Tuesday – Friday 10:00 to 19:00 and Saturday 10:00 to 17:00
Public transport: Tram 24 or bus 15 to Olympiaplein

7 thoughts on “L'Amuse Cheese Store Amsterdam”

  1. Thanks for another fantastic suggestion. I live a block from that shop and had never really noticed it, but stopped by to pick up some burrata! Just threw together a salad of roasted beets, heirloom tomatoes, and the burrata. Highly recommended!

  2. Hi Don,

    Glad to hear you liked L’Amuse! It’s definitely quite unpretentious from the outside and easy to miss.

    Burrata with roasted beets sounds grand! Must try that. Did you get any other cheeses you would recommend?


  3. Tried the Beaufort, tried the Conte(for cheesekeeping quality assessment benchmarking)and was not impressed but bought some Caerphilly (very nice). Kef on the Marnixstraat the best for me by some miles. But the baker Le Fournil is een toppertje…

  4. Hi Ann,

    Have never been to Kef. Been meaning to go for quite a while but never made it around.

    Love the idea of “Comte Benchmarking”! Can totally see us all go out, eat our way through Amsterdam cheese stores and rank them by the Comte Index.

    What are the best cheeses at Kef?


  5. We have ice cream benchmarks too…vanilla (of course) and coffee, and for the latter, yes, Markt is good for something! Fantastic ice but not their own brand I think (can’t remember the name but white tubs with pastelly labels).

    Do go to Kef – a cheese shop like no other. My recommendation would be anything but Gouda but that’s because I’m so bored with it!

  6. I really love your blog dutchgrub!

    I just wanted to add my favorite cheese store to your list:

    UTRECHTSESTRAAT 90, 020-6241399 –
    http://www.kaashuistromp.nl / cheesebymail.nl

    As their website writes:

    “Enjoy international cuisine and foreign cheeses. Ideal for warm evenings at home. We have made a combination between Italian, French and Spanish products which are delicious with bread, pasta or to use in salads.”

    Really the finest collection of cheese i have ever seen in Amsterdam… You can smell the store like 4 doors down :]

    Anyway since I have used already many of your recommendations I feel I should return one :]

    Take care o/

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