Two Additional Michelin Stars for Amsterdam

michelin starThis week Michelin announced its stars for the Netherlands 2010. There were no less than eleven restaurants who received their first stars, two of them in Amsterdam.

Nothing changed at the top. Ciel Bleu and Ron Blaauw maintained their two stars while La Rive did not receive the second stars it had been rumored to receive. And there still is no three star restaurant in Amsterdam and surroundings.

Le Restaurant in de Pijp and Vinkeles in the Dylan Hotel on Keizersgracht joined the ranks of Amsterdam one Michelin star restaurants Aan de Poel, La Rive and Yamazato.

So in total Amsterdam now has seven Michelin star restaurants, most of them either part of hotels or located outside of the city. Le restaurant is the notable exception. It’s a fairly small restaurant that is run table d’hôtes style and located smack in the middle of party neighborhood De Pijp.

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