No Dining With the Stars…

Two weeks ago I wrote about “Dining With the Stars”, a restaurant week special for Michelin star restaurants only. As I suspected, getting a reservation is next to impossible. On 3 November, 1 day before the opening of reservations for the general public, all Amsterdam Michelin stars and all three star restaurants are fully booked.

michelin star restaurant week amsterdam fully booked

This foodie did manage to get a table for lunch at La Rive and is super excited about it! How did I manage to get a reservation? Don’t ask…

2 thoughts on “No Dining With the Stars…”

  1. I don’t want to sound like a commercial, but if you have a AMEX Gold card you got to book before the others….

    “Met uw American Express Kaart kunt u nu al reserveren. Maar liefst één week voordat de algemene boekingsite opent.”

    This kinda helped….Maybe a tip for next time?

  2. Hi S…:

    Thanks for the tip! Indeed American Express and other sponsors receive preferred treatment, which means that their customers get to book one week in advance.

    I guess my point is that it’s not really cool that all the good tables go to sponsors. Especially since DiningCity never mentiones this anywhere and gives people the impression that reservations open on a certain date when in reality by that time it’s too late.

    Did you get the table you wanted?


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