Dutch Week of Taste

The national Week of Taste (Dutch) will start on Sunday 20 September. For one week, until 27 September, many restaurants, shops, producers, and others will organize food related activities all over the Netherlands.

Amsterdam is calling itself the Capital of Taste (Dutch) and will kick off the Week of Taste with the Taste Market (Dutch) in Oosterpark on Sunday 20 September.

There are a few interesting events on the agenda:

  • The market of 1001 tastes – a market with various food stalls organized on the area of the Amsterdam whole sale market on Jan van Galenstaat on Sunday 27 September.
  • The taste explosion festival – September 25 – 27 in Zaandam – a cultural culinary festival with movies, workshops, celebrity chefs and more.

For a full list of all activities, see the agenda (Dutch).

Amsterdam Capital of Taste 2009