Pizza to Go at Forno Communale

One of the nice things about Forno Communale, one of dutchgrub’s best pizzerias in Amsterdam, is the possibility to get pizza to go!

They don’t do delivery or take advance orders by phone. So you will have to make your way over to Rhijnvis Feithstraat, order your pizza and wait for it to be freshly made. The wait is actually a lot more fun than it sounds since you get to hang out in the kitchen, admire the wood fired pizza oven and watch the expert pizza maker roll out the pizza dough and garnish it lusciously!

Pizza oven at Forno Communale
Pizza oven at Forno Communale

2 thoughts on “Pizza to Go at Forno Communale”

  1. Funnily enough, I am just this moment writing a post about pizza! But I have never eaten at Forno Communale… is it worth checking out?

  2. Hey Vicky!

    I would definitely recommend checking out Forno Communale. It’s one of my top 3 pizzerias in Amsterdam! I like the thin crust, baked just crispy enough in the wood fired oven.

    You might want to try their pizza “Forno” with gorgonzola and apple. I also love the Coppa di Maremma.

    Curious what your favorites are now!

    Oh, and how is the Amsterdam Foodie facebook group working for you?


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