Restaurant Marius Covered in NY Times

Restaurant Marius Amsterdam is one of the four restaurants on Dutchgrub’s top Amsterdam restaurants list. So I was happy to hear from an avid reader of dutchgrub that the NY Times had just published a nice write up of Marius.

The article goes into Marius’ history. Chef and owner Kees Elfring used to cook at Berkeley institution Chez Panisse, which provided both training and inspiration for the name of the restaurant. Marius is the title of a movie that’s part of a trilogy in which the main character is called Panisse. The article also goes into details of the daily market menu that the author thoroughly enjoyed! With pictures.

It’s nice to see that Marius is getting well-deserved praise. And since it’s such a small and genuine place, I am not worried that too much coverage would ruin the magic.