Best Amsterdam Restaurants

This is an old version of our Best Amsterdam Restaurants list. We’ve left this page up because of the many great comments below. Please go to the current list of Best Amsterdam Restaurants for up to date recommendations.

Everyone has their own list of best restaurants. Here are my favorites in Amsterdam! Created over years of exploring the Amsterdam restaurant scene. Trying out new restaurants, analyzing the experience, returning to the good ones, and exchanging thoughts and ideas with other Amsterdam foodies. Then venturing out to distant places, coming back to Amsterdam, comparing new culinary experiences with the best of Dutch grub. Adding names to the list and removing others.

The result is Amsterdam’s top four restaurants:  Balthazar’s Keuken, De Kas, Marius, and De Witte Uyl – in alphabetical order. They share a modern French or International menu, the use of purely organic ingredients and an incredible drive and passion for food. Yet each restaurant has its own distinct personality – a bohemian buzz at Balthazar’s Keuken in the heart of the Jordaan, the incredibly hip but remote greenhouse setting of De Kas, Marius’ individualism and provincial style near the IJ, and De Witte Uyl’s way of thinking globally and acting locally in cosmopolitan Pijp.

Balthazar’s Keuken

Balthazar’s Keuken is a small and crowded restaurant located in a former blacksmith’s workshop in the heart of the Jordaan. The staff tries hard to make all guests feel at home and the setting is certainly intimate, if slightly crammed. The food is a set three course menu. The first course usually is a mixed appetizers platter, presented on a sort of elevated stand as the large plate hardly fits the table. The crowd is mixed, from tourists to locals and from young to old. There is a bohemian feel to the restaurant that is designed around an open kitchen with an ominous “no access” sign.
Elandsgracht 108
1016 VA Amsterdam
Tel: +31 (0)20 420 21 14

De Kas

De Kas is a large restaurant and nursery, located in a former greenhouse on the outskirts of Amsterdam. The concept is based on serving only food produced on associated farms around Amsterdam. There is an annex with an herb garden that you can visit in between courses. The food is a healthy and organic 3 course fixed menu, prepared meticulously and presented with lots of attention to detail by the attentive service. The inside spacious and hip, as is the crowd. The wine list is extensive.
Kamerlingh Onneslaan 3
1097 DE Amsterdam
Tel: +31 (0)20 462 45 62


Update October 11th, 2010: After a brief sabbatical, Marius has reopened in the same location as of late September 2010.

Marius is a small restaurant with a provincial style decor and located somewhat off the beaten path. A Chez Panisse trained chef runs Marius with a small staff, serving a semi-set four course chef’s menu that changes daily but leaves some options. The kitchen is organic, modern French. The mood is fun and upbeat, dominated by the chef’s laid back attitude and the guests high spirits from being rewarded by the food for having made it all the way over to Marius.

No web site
Barentszstraat 243
1013 NM Amsterdam
Tel: +31 (0)20 422 78 80

De Witte Uyl

De Witte Uyl is different. From the 1920s interior in which no two chairs are the same to the unusual menu from which guests pick two main courses but no starters. Knowledgeable hostess Annemieke is the glue that ties it all together. De Witte Uyl has a seasonal menu that changes four times a year and often is inspired by recent trips of the owners to far away places. The dishes are a combination of tradition and inspiration, prepared form the finest but also most ecologically sustainable ingredients. The wine list is extensive and Annemieke makes great recommendations. The chocolate board – hunks of chocolate that you will attack with an ice pick – is legendary.
Frans Halsstraat 26
1072 BR Amsterdam
Tel: +31 (0)20 670 04 58

106 thoughts on “Best Amsterdam Restaurants”

  1. I would like to know what do you have to say to the restaurant Supperclub? do you recomend this restaurant? why?

    Thank You
    Alexandra Lourenço

  2. Hi Alexandra,

    I am not a big fan of the Supperclub. It obviously depends on what you’re looking for. The Supperclub might be alright if you are looking for a performance and party with food. If you want “all your five senses tickled” as their slogan says.

    My favorite restaurants are all about the food and the Supperclub is nowhere near. You will find much fresher ingredients, a much more creative menu, and more attentive and knowledgeable service at either of my recommendations and probably many other restaurants in Amsterdam.

    Not being a fan, I have not been to the Supperclub in a long time. I do not seem to hear about it much lately, so I suspect it’s declining.

    Hope this helps!


  3. I’m an airline pilot and get to Amsterdam often. Bought the year long museum pass. I booked the below offer. What the restaurant like? I noticed in my last several visits, several restaurants have offers. What are the best of these?

    Restaurant de Roode Leeuw
    Special Offer: ‘De smaak van Maart’ – 3 Gangen diner voor €26 p.p * Details: This offer is available from March 14, 2009 until April 12, 2009

  4. Hi Charlie,

    I have never been to De Roode Leeuw but would still caution against it. It’s right in the middle of the tourist zone on Damrak and tries very hard to create the type of Dutch atmosphere that would give tourists the idea that they are enjoying an authentic Amsterdam experience. I also often find restaurants located in hotels to be rather unimaginative, trying to please all kind of places.

    The four restaurants I recommended in the article would certainly set you back more than € 26,=. As an alternative I would suggest you look at Bloesem:

    It’s in the Jordaan, less than a 10 minute walk away from the Dam. You will like the area and it’s far enough away from the crowds. Bloesem has a good and reasonably priced set menu. It’s a small and friendly restaurant with an ambitious kitchen.

    Hope this helps!


  5. In your opinion, which restaurant has the best wine list in town? Not in terms of “smart buys”, but simply the best?

    Thank you, regards,


  6. Hi Jan,

    that’s a great question! Think I will have to write an article on best wine list soon.

    For a quick answer I would have to go with De Witte Uyl. Their wine list has both breadth and personality. They have something for every taste and to accompany any dish. And at the same time there is clear focus on small organic winemakers that dare to be different.

    Personally I am not a fan of long, standard wine lists with over 1000 kinds of which 350 plus are from Bordeaux…

    Another thing that I love about De Witte Uyl is that you get great, personal recommendations. Their wines are different. But given a few words about what you like, the hostess has often found us the wine that perfectly accommodated our taste and order.

    Who would get your vote? What criteria would you use?


  7. In your opinion, which Amsterdam restaurant has the best ristaffel? Also, what is your opinion of De Oesterbar?

  8. Hi James!

    Even though the Indonesian rijsttafel is popular with visitors, I would recommend against it.

    I think many people go for it because it’s the closest thing to good local food. The Dutch cuisine is not highly regarded and there is a long Indonesian tradition. I guess it’s also fun to have a rijsttafel with a group of friends since you will be able to sample and share many different dishes. And it offers some exotic flavors such as fried banana, coconut flakes or peanut sauce.

    But it somehow feels like your typical average buffet food…

    If you now still want to go, I would recommend Tempo Doeloe on Utrechtsestraat. It’s quality food in a fun street just off the beaten path:

    And please do not go to the Oesterbar. It’s situated right on Leidseplein – a big square in the middle of Amsterdam that is full of tourists, dubious entertainment, bad food, high prices and poor service…


  9. Dear Dutchgrub: Where in Amsterdam should I go for a Dutch pancake breakfast?

  10. Hi James,

    welcome back!

    I guess my answer on pancakes is somewhat similar to the one on rijsttafels – people ask for them frequently because they are genuine Dutch, but no pancake place ranks high on my list of places I would recommend.

    I do have pancakes occasionally and my favorite place is Pancakes! in the Berenstraat, one of the “9 straatjes”: It’s a small, friendly place with some interesting sweet and hearty pancake options.

    For the best breakfast in Amsterdam, go to Greenwood’s on Singel. English-style, though.


  11. Hi Dutchgrub!
    Hoping you might help us with two suggestions…
    What do you recommend for the best rijstaffel in Den Haag?
    And, is there a non-touristy, typical brown cafe near the Rijksmuseum?
    Thanks so much!

  12. Hi Susan,

    I do not know the Den Haag restaurant scene very well and I usually caution against the rijsttafels as they tend to be overrated buffet style food.

    There is no brown cafe right by the Rijksmuseum, but there are a several great ones in walking distance.

    One idea would be to head north-east, down Weteringsstraat where you find Cafe Kale, a well frequented brown cafe with a terrace and eetcafe menu. A bit further on you hit Utrechtsestraat, which has a number of fun cafes, restaurants and shops. For a brown cafe, I suggest Cafe van Leeuwen or Café de Huyschkaemer. Vooges is a great eetcafe where you can have a beer, good food and wine. And there is also the best rijsttafel in Amsterdam at Tempo Doeloe. All in the Utrechtsestraat.

    Alternatively you could head on to De Pijp where I recommend Cafe Gollem on Daniel Stalpertstraat, or head south to Cafe Gruter on Willemsparkweg, which also has a nice terrace!

    Hope you have fun! Let me know how you liked it!


  13. where can i find the best japanese fusion restaurant in amsterdam ?????

  14. Hi Michael,

    unfortunately, Japanese fusion is not easy to find in Amsterdam. I love that kind of kitchen, but Amsterdam falls way short.

    Momo – – certainly has the menu and vibe, but has gotten mixed reviews and been so busy that I have not made it there yet.

    And De Witte Uyl (see above) might be an option. It’s more Dutch / French with some Japanese and other Asian influences than proper fusion. But it’s very good overall.


  15. Hi Dutchgrub

    Great site!
    Would you have any recommendations for classy restaurants with good vegetarian options? De Kas?


  16. Hi shikha!

    De Witte Uyl is probably the most vegetarian friendly restaurant on my list as you get to choose two dishes from 12 options plus daily specials, usually one vegetarian.

    The other three have a set menu which is not ideal for vegetarians. De Kas will serve you a vegetarian version if you ask for it. Marius usually has some vegetarian a la carte options. Balthazar’s Kitchen is probably most difficult.


  17. Hi Dutchgrub

    I’m hoping you can suggest a great restaurant recommendation – I am travelling to Amsterdam with my wife to celebrate her 40th birthday in October.

    We’re staying at the Toren hotel – I’m looking for something pretty special so that dinner is memorable.

    Something elegant/classy…



  18. Hi Simon,

    sounds like a great treat to celebrate her 40th with a classy dinner in Amsterdam!

    From my list of best Amsterdam restaurants, I would go with De Kas if you’re looking for classy. The setting in the former green house is amazing and they have the highest level of service.

    Beyond my list, you might want to consider the Michelin star restaurants in and around Amsterdam. Personally, I find the restaurants on my list more exciting and innovative, but the Michelin star restaurants might be more elegant and classy. La Rive at the Amstelhotel would be an option, or Ron Blaauw in Ouderkerk, a small romantic village just outside Amsterdam.

    Hope this helps!


  19. Hi Dutchgrub

    I’m hoping you can help me out. I just moved to Amsterdam and I’m muslim. My husband and I love to go out and eat, we enjoy going to nice restaurants and trying new foods.

    The problem is that all the “Halal” (meat slaughter according to islamic custom) places I’ve found serve shawerma, falafel, etc.. and don’t seem that nice.
    I was hoping you could recommend some other places with Halal meat that could be a bit fancy and a menu that’s not so middle-eastern.

    hope it’s not too challenging
    Thanks alot :))

  20. Hi Jailan,

    that’s a good question! I know exactly what you mean, but unfortunately also do not know which better restaurants serve Halal food.

    Maybe somebody else has a suggestion?


  21. Hi Dutchgrub,

    In two weeks we will be in Amsterdam for a short stay. This will be our first visit to the Netherlands and we want to try local food. What kind of food should we try and what kind of food should we avoid?

  22. Hi Jay,

    I’ve been meaning to write a longer post about typical Dutch but haven’t gotten around to it… So here are some quick thoughts.

    Many tourists are asking about rijsttafel and pancakes. I think both are overrated and people like them more for the tradition and authenticity than the actual food. If you really want pancakes, try And if you cannot resist the rijsttafel, you should go with either or

    For real good food, you can find a list of all my recommendations here: It’s sortable by neighborhood and cuisine.

    You can find some ideas on street food to try and avoid in one of my posts on chow: Try french fries and bitterballen, but avoid FEBO and Shoarma.

    Hope this helps!


  23. Hi,

    Me and 4 friends are coming to Amsterdam for 4 days for my birthday. Being students (and one of us having had to double their spend on flights due to the collapse of sky europe) we are feeling the credit crunch. It’s my 22nd birthday on Wednesday 9th September and we are looking for somewhere special to have my birthday meal without breaking the bank. We have a budget of max 30 euro a person, but I don’t expect this to pay for 3 courses and wine. I would rather have one delicious main course for 20 euro in a fantastic ambience, than lots of food in an awful atmosphere.

    So, your budget but special recommendations please. Anything to say about De Waag restaurant? I am being seduced by the candles, and its prices seem reasonable.

    Thanks in advance,


  24. Hi Laura,

    I’m afraid that’s not an easy one. Food in Amsterdam is not cheap, with €40 – €50 for regular and €70 – €100 for more ambitious places for food and wine not unusual.

    I’m not too wild about De Waag – location on Nieuwmarkt is great, but also makes it more expensive. The building is pretty inside and outside, but the food is average.

    Of the places on my blog, Yam Yam and Zus en Zus come to mind. Yam Yam is a pizzeria. The amazing truffle pizza and fun ambiance make it special. And Zus en Zus, which just re-opened, has a 3 course menu for €25.

    Hope you have a great birthday dinner and fun Amsterdam trip!


  25. Hi Jailan,

    Firstly, great ‘blog’, always interested to try out your recommendations 🙂

    I am planning to ask my GF to marry me in a couple of weeks and need a nice intimate place not that far from Vondelpark, any good recommendations?



  26. Hi Nick,

    that’s a tough one… and comes with a lot of responsibility – wouldn’t want to recommend the wrong place for a marriage proposal!

    To be perfectly honest, I can’t think of a place that has great food, is intimate and close to Vondelpark. Zus en Zus is close and intimate, but probably not special enough. Pulpo is also close and more special, but trendy rather than intimate. And there is Brasserie Senz, which is good and close by but rather formal. Or Oriental 128 which is close by and classy with great service that would probably be more than happy to make arrangements for a perfect dinner. It’s a Chinese / Asian menu.

    Hope this helps. Maybe somebody else has suggestions?


  27. Great blog dutchgrub…

    I’m taking my girlfriend away for our anniversary, we’re mid 20’s, would like somewhere with a great atmosphere, away from the tourist traps, and great food, we’re open to lots of different food. don’t mind paying a fair bit as long as we’re paying for quality.

    somewhere that is rated highly by the locals would be great too, off the beaten track, maybe a place to try eating dutch!

    kas looks really interesting, is that central?

    thanks, and sorry for asking so many questions!

  28. Hi Eric,

    I think all restaurants on my list fit your criteria very well – great food, value for money, not tourist traps but places that the locals love.

    Given that you’re mid 20s and looking for something central with great atmosphere, I would go with Balthazar’s Keuken. It’s in the Jordaan, a young and vibrant neighborhood that will be fun before and after. And the restaurant itself has a great, busy and special vibe.

    De Kas is kind of out of the way – say 20 minutes by tram. It’s also more classy and formal.

    For a good local place, check Don’t go there for your anniversary, but try them out for lunch or on another evening.


  29. Hi Dutchgrub,
    I’ve been enjoying reading your blog and posts on Chowhound, and am wondering: of your favorites, which two would you pick for dinners for a vegetarian? Thanks so much!!

  30. hello! so glad i found this site. im visiting amsterdam next sunday with my husband and 2 kids,ages 12 and 8. its my husbands 50th birthday on monday and we. want to take him to a really nice restaurant with great food but mostly somewhere with incredible ambience…somewhere memorable. wer staying in the marriot and will be getting a taxi so somewhere within reason. the kids are used to eating out and are well behaved in restaurants so i dont need that to be factored. thanks a million.

  31. Hi Rachel,

    De Kas, Balthazar’s Keuken and Marius have set menus. So even though they do accommodate special wishes, you’re best off with De Witte Uyl. They have 16 dishes to choose from, including several vegetarian ones.


  32. Hi Helen,

    Distance wise, De Witte Uyl and Balthazar’s Keuken are closest to the Marriot. De Kas and Marius are certainly doable by taxi, too.

    Otherwise not sure what you like. Have you looked at my lists and posts? Anything that fits your taste? I’ll be happy to help out if you give me some more starters.


  33. A problem with restaurants in Amsterdam on Mondays is that De Witte Uyl, Marius and Balthazar’s all have that day off. De Kas is the only one on dutchgrubs Top Amsterdam list that is open. Have reservations though, because without a reservation you may be disappointed after your trip there. A place pretty close to where you are staying and with good recommandations from the locals is Restaurant Spelt, Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 5A
    1017 DB Amsterdam, Telephone : (020) 420 70 22, Website : with a Dutch/international kitchen.

    Enjoy your stay in Amsterdam!


  34. Here are a few additional ones that I like.

    Le Hollandais (Reservations needed)
    Amsteldijk 41 (679 12 48).
    Delicious regional French cuisine, with one of the specialties being the homemade sausages. Lovely selection of wines.

    Bordewijk (Reservations needed)
    Noordermarkt 7 (624 38 99)
    This is one of the best restaurants in Amsterdam. I’ve been there several times for special occasions and it is wonderful.

    Pianeta Terra (this one is really delicious! I had a wonderful long New Year’s dinner here with 4 friends once.)
    Address: Beulingstraat 7, Canal Ring, Amsterdam
    Phone: 020/626-1912

    Blauw aan de Wal (in a racy area but very nice inside, and delicious food)
    Address: Oudezijds Achterburgwal 99, Amsterdam 1012 DD
    Down an alley in the Red Light District lies this Mediterranean restaurant, a two-level place with both bar and dining room.
    The clean-lined interior ensures that food, more than decor, receives the attention it’s due. Attentive service, an accomplished kitchen.

  35. Hello,
    Myself and my girlfreind are arriving in Amsterdam on Monday the 15th, have you any recommendations for people (my girlfreind) who likes really simple food eg steaks well done, we are in our mid 20’s and cost of restauraunts would not bother us too much, as long as there was steak on the menu. Im always willing to try different food so even if there was a good restaurant like De Kas and they did steak we could go there, Thanks in advance
    Kind regards

  36. I’m just back from Balthazar’s Kitchen and found it very disappointing, from an ill-trained server who carefully placed each piece of cutlery on the table by touching the ends that would touch the food to the dessert tartlet with a tasteless white creamy inside. The first course, a collection of amuses bouche, had two that were tasty – large beans with a sharpish dressing and duck rillettes – and three that were hopeless. The haddock was perfectly cooked but lacking flavor despite the coarsely cracked black pepper and the accompaniments – lentils and rounds of small potatoes – were also close to tasteless. What was great in the dish was a cooked lemon half. The cherries on the dessert were nice. Coffee was acceptable and the small financier was delicious. Service, apart from the ill-trained young woman, was attentive and competent.

  37. Dear Dutchgrub,

    What a great service you provide in an era when the guidebooks and concierges mostly shill the restaurants that pay them a fee.
    My wife and 15 year old daugther spent Thursday in Amsterdam on a connection from Florence and found your site on google. We ate at De Witte Uyl which was a five minute walk from the Park hotel (who had never heard of the place).
    We each had the three different white truffle specials on the menu. Everything was so fabulous that we plan to attempt a recreation of the carpaccio with white truffles and smoked potato salad for dinner tonight. We look forward to sampling more of your advice when we return for a full stay.
    Thank you again, and should you require advice on Chicago restaurants, I would be pleased to comply.

  38. Your recommendation of Bloesem is really excellent. My wife and I travel all over the world to taste the best food we can find. We were at De Kas tonight and it was no comparison to Bloesem last night. They both use fresh seasonal ingredients but Vincent Aanbrikt was just incredible with creating great taste with his dishes. This is one of the best meal I have ever had all over the world. We plan to go there tomorrow night again before we leave for London on Friday. Again, I consider myself lucky to have read your blog and it just happened that Bloesem was the closest to our hotel Pulitzer.

  39. Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for having reported back! I’ve always liked Bloesem. It’s a small, charming place with great food.

    Impressed that you liked it so much you are going back for a second visit. Hope chef Aanbrikt will reward you with another great meal.


  40. Hi Martin,

    I have never been to Tuynhuis but would recommend caution. It’s a very touristy zone and has a rather boiler plate menu.

    If anybody else has more details, please comment!


  41. Hi. wonderful, wonderful site. Thanks for this.

    We’ll be coming to Amsterdam in a month’s time. We travel extensively. Almost religiously we look for great places to eat that have “character.” What do I mean by that? Well, it could mean that it has a history or is historical. It could mean that it is run by an eccentric idividual or old couple. Or that it is so out of the way it’s hard to find. The only prerequisite is that it’s “honest food.” We don’t care about the Michelin Star and don’t particulalry like “fou fou” or nouveau style food. Traditional, home-style cooking is our favorite. Wife is veggie but eats fish. Price not a consideration (high or low). Good wine list is!

  42. Hi Bob,

    Thanks for your kind words. Hope you found the recommendations you were looking for and will have a great stay in Amsterdam.

    Let us know what your favorite places were!


  43. Hi dutchgrub,
    Our second visit to Bloesem was equally great except for one raw fish dish. I told Vincent to leave the raw fish to the Japanese and likewise, I would suggest that to all the french nouveau chefs. We don’t need to come to Europe for Japanese food. Anyway, Vincent cooked another 6 dish tasting menu with interesting wine pairings. We had a great time again and even got a copy of the CD music playing that night compiled by our waitress Anna.

  44. Hello
    Your blog is really interesting.I would like to make a question.
    Wich is, in your opinion, the best bruin coffe for have a meal? I would like to eat with mi friends in one of those bars, and i would like to chose a really good one.
    Can I ask a second question? Ok: Wich is your opinion about keuken 1870? Is very popular in the tourists gides, but i’m not very sure…

  45. Hi Joseba!

    Not sure whether you mean bruin café or eetcafé. Bruin cafés usually only serve finger food. So I assume you are looking for an eetcafé and would suggest De Reiger as described here:

    I would advise against De Keuken van 1870, which is quite touristy. For some alternatives check out my suggestions on authentic Dutch food, specifically Ha-Hmm:

    Have fun in the ‘Dam!


  46. Hi Dutchgrub!

    My husband and I are very excited to be visiting Amsterdam again when we arrive on 4th of July. We love all kinds of food, but particularly love spicy food — Indian, Vietnamese, among others. Can you recommend such a restaurant?

    Thank you for your time.

  47. Hello Dutchgrub,

    I have been following your recommendations very carefully, as well as culling through chowhound. We will be in Amsterdam from August 10-15th, 2010. So many places, including Balthazar’s Keuken and Marius, are closed. Do you have a list of what’s open? And, separately, is Restaurant Vinkeles (which is open) worth it?

    Many thanks,

    Portland OR

  48. Hi Marjorie,

    Good question as indeed many restaurants are closed. I just posted a list of suggestions: Hope you find something suitable.

    Vinkeles got a Michelin star this year and is pretty much what you would expect from a restaurant this decorated and located in a hotel. I usually more intimate and innovative places.

    Hope the beautiful weather stays around for a bit longer and you will have a great stay in Amsterdam with great food!


  49. Hi – have you tried the Seven Seas at the Amrath? I’m looking for some fine haute cuisine for a birthday meal. I’m a fan of the building but never tried the restaurant. thanks

  50. Hi Kevin,

    I’ve never been to Seven Seas and it’s not very high on my list… I think you summed it up quite well when you said the building was great. It’s indeed beautiful, but the restaurants strikes me as rather boring hotel food…

    Would be interested to hear if anybody else has been.


  51. Hi

    I am travelling to Amsterdam next week and taking part in the European Dragon Boat Championships at Bosbaan and staying in the Hilton Hotel (John Lennon).

    I was wondering if you could recommend some good places to eat in that area?


  52. Hi there – Wy wife and I will be travelling to Amsterdam for one night in September (on the tail end of a 2 week vacation to Spain).

    We are adventurous eaters, but also like to eat at locally sustained restaurants that showcase the food from the area.

    Can you recommend one or two restaurants that would be “must” places to go?


  53. Howdy DutchGrub!
    I am heading to Amsterdam for the IBC Show in September, and need a recommendation for a good restaurant to take clients…on a Sunday evening. I’ve seen a lot of good restaurants on this site, but most are closed on Sunday. Any help you can give is truly appreciated!

  54. Hi Sean,

    Agreed, Food & Wine can usually be trusted.

    Their list of Amsterdam recommendation is good, too. Looks like they tried to focus on “Dutch experiences” like Indonesian cuisine, restaurants on boats and converted churches.

    I believe that Umoja closed doors. So that should be taken off the list.


  55. Will be in amsterdam this week for 3 days, I’ve been researching restaurants for 2 months, but just found this list waiting for a plane. It sounds so exciting, I can’t wait to try them all!! Thanks so much!

  56. Hi Dutch Grub,
    On one of my trips back to Amsterdam, there was a hostel or student hang out that served real simple dutch food, the prices were minimal. Seating was on benches with long tables. It was on a graght, I would love to know if it is still running? Best Regards, Adrie in San Diego.

  57. Hi Adrie,

    I’m afraid I can’t help you with that one. Way too many canals and cheap hangouts in the ‘Dam and nobody really knows what Dutch food is anyways…


  58. Hi dutchgrub,

    I was looking at your list and liked the sound of both De Kas and De Witte Uyl, but both are closed on Sundays! Do you have any recommendations for “best restaurants” in Amsterdam that are open on Sundays (would like to keep the meal to approx. 50 Euro (or less)). Thank you!

  59. Have you seen Food & Wine’s list of great places in town? Can you give any insight into those you haven’t discussed?

    I am going to be in town for 6 days starting tomorrow (Sept 8) and am looking forward to some great food. I already have reservations at De Kas and am trying to line up some others. Too bad Marius is still closed because I was really hoping to go there!

    Thanks for the great writing!!!

  60. Hi Dutchgrub

    My partner and I are travelling to Amsterdam from Australia. We arrive on 24 September. It is my partner’s 35th birthday the day we arrive and i would like to take him out somewhere for dinner. We are staying at The Toren Hotel so somewhere nearby would be great.
    He likes any type of food but i thought it might be good to find an authentic dutch restaurant that has tasty food and is fun and relaxed. If you know of any places that could also do a birthday cake for dessert or something for his birthday that would be great.
    thank you

  61. Hi there,

    5 friends and I are going to Amsterdam for my 30th in December. I’m looking for something quirky and unusual. So far, I’ve come across Kitsch Restaurant and De Odessa. I would be so grateful if you could give me any recommendations.

    Thank you 🙂

  62. Hi dutchgrub,

    Mostly just wanted to say thanks. My wife and I were in AMsterdam for almost a week about a month ago, and took a lot of your suggestions as to best restaurants, and you were right every time. Much appreciated.

    Also thought I’d add Van Vlaanderen to your list of places to try. It, along with Witte Uyl and Bloesem, were clearly IMO the top tier. (We weren’t able to go to Marius, much to my dismay.) I would note that those interested in dining at Bloesem should realize that there is no menu–you get what they’re serving that night. At least that’s how they explained it to me. (They did ask if there was anything I couldn’t eat.) But everything they served us–and there was plenty of food, was first-rate.


  63. Hi Dutchgrub. I will be coming to Amsterdam for the first time this weekend and staying at a hotel across from the central train station. Are there any highly recomended restauants within a 15-minute walk of this area? I have also looked at the Michelin starred restaurants and they too seem to be beyond a comfortable evening walking distance.

    Thanks for your help.

  64. Hi,

    My girlfriend and I are travelling from England for a long weekend in Amsterdam this Friday. Thanks for the excellent and informative website – we’re hopefully going to De Witte Uyl on Friday and Balthazar’s Kitchen on Saturday. I can’t wait.

    Keep up the good work!


  65. Hello!

    I am taking my boyfriend to amsterdam for his 25th birthday and have just booked a table at de witte, on your recommendation, for the friday night – but do you know anywhere fantastic for breakfast on the saturday morning?

    Thank you!

  66. woops! when i say friday i mean saturday and when i saturday i mean sunday! Are the places listed on the brunch section of the websites open on sundays?

  67. There are so many things I would like to respond to from this thread, the first one being that the best Indonesian food in Holland is indeed found in the Hague due to the large community there. I would suggest the rijsttafel to those who have never had it before, since you really cannot find it anywhere else and it includes so many dishes to taste. Just try it once, you won’t regret it. If the restaurant is good, the rijsttafel will be too. I agree with A’dam grub that Tempoe Doeloe is a fie choice but it is quite expensive. If you are looking for a more affordable meal and don’t mind an informal setting, go to Betawi in West. It has some of the best Indonesian grub in Amsterdam!

  68. Hi,

    When was the last time you ate @ the Witteuyl? I took some friends there recently and was VERY disappointed. I had been there a few times before and thought it was a special place, however, this time the service was very poor and the quality of the food very average. On top of that, the bill was incorrect, something that you do not expect in a restaurant like the Witteuyl. Perhaps they were having a bad night, but I certainly won’t be going/recommending it again.

  69. Hello Karin,
    Could you please send me your email address at [email protected] with your complaint about my restaurant? I really don’t like it when people are unhappy about my restaurant and I would like to know what went wrong AND I would like to put it right, of course. I cannot remember anybody complaining in my restaurant, apart from people being very annoyed that they couldn’t take the chocolate board home, but this is different, apparently. So please give me an opportunity to put things right. Thanks in advance and kind regards,
    Annemieke den Uijl

  70. Hi Karin,

    I’m sorry you had a bad experience at De Witte Uyl.

    Obviously everybody has their own preferences about which restaurants they do like or recommend, and just like for every other restaurants lots of things can be said in favor or against De Witte Uyl. But one thing they do very well is care about their guests and just generally be nice to people.

    So please do get in touch with Annemieke, the owner, as suggested and let them correct whatever went wrong. I know it means a lot to them!

    Thanks, dutchgrub.

  71. Can you please tell me if there are any Halal food restaurants for Muslims around Dam Square?

  72. Hi Dutchgrub,

    I am invited to go to Helden in the Pijp. Whats your opinion about this restaurant?


  73. Hi Danielle,

    It’s a typical De Pijp Eetcafe, so expect a trendy crowd, simple menu, and a mix of diners and drinkers. Certainly not something that belongs on the best restaurants list above.


  74. I tried De Witte Uyl last night with a friend and was very disappointed.

    We did not get any of the personal service I was hoping for. A young boy was serving and he had nothing much to say about the wine or food.

    My friend had a pasta which he described as “nasty” (burnt mushrooms).

    The other dishes we tried were fish, that were served fried and dry with some very un-inspired sides.

    Desert was a quite nice chocolate creme brulee.

    When we ordered an after-dinner drink, the waiter actually got measuring glasses and measured out our congac at the table. Bit weird.

    Very disappointing. I was hoping to discover another Marius.

  75. Regarding my review (above), I just realised the owner has previously posted on this website so I thought I should clarify a little…

    The service was fine – polite, efficient, etc.

    I was just hoping for something a bit more. I like places where the chef/owner comes out and tells me about the food and can recommend what wine goes best, etc.

    Based on the original review (top 4 restaurant), I thought it might be like that, but it wasn’t.

  76. Hmmm, how unfortunate that Yarl had a bad experience at the Witte Uyl yesterday evening. I was there too and just now logged in to share what a wonderful place it is. Had a simply delicious dish with veal and sage, tasty spring rolls with aubergine and chick peas and then ice cream to die for. All accompanied by different wines that were personally recommended by Annemieke. All in all a really nice evening and I’ll definitely be returning!

  77. Hi Yarl and Myrna,

    How odd that you both went to De Witte Uyl, had such different experiences and both posted here on dutchgrub.

    It’s great that you posted about them in such detail!

    To make my list, a restaurant certainly needs to stand out through personal, knowledgeable service, consistently great dishes, and some form of generosity. I’m sorry if that’s not what you experienced.


  78. Hi Duthgrub,

    I will be in Amsterdam on the new year`s eve. I really would like to go to a very good restaurant or hotel. Do you have any suggestion? I want some trendy place, with beautiful people. I am 30 years old. Thanks Letícia

  79. De Witte Uyl no longer has the chocolate board on the menu…soooo sad! Still wonderful though and if you specifically ask for the chocolate board, they will try to accommodate.

  80. I have a very long layover in Amsterdam on Oct. 24, 2011. I’m looking for a great chic place to have lunch. It’s a Monday so I hope you can help me out.
    Thanks in advance!


  81. I will be hosting 10 people for dinner on Sunday 7 November. Since most people will be staying at the Apollolaan Hilton, I would like a restaurant in that area. The Italian restaurant inside the hotel was really terrible when I visited last March. Have you any suggestions?

  82. Hi there, dutchgrub, I see you really know some good places in Amsterdam, maybe you can help me – I am looking for a restaurant with very good food and atmosphere which justifies wearing a suit or a nice evening dress… I am planning a party for about 30 people but still haven’t found my right venue and am running out of time :S

    Cheers, Ive

  83. Hi there,
    I will be travelling through Amsterdam over Christmas and am looking for a special restaurant to go to on the 30th December as it’s my travel partner’s birthday. I’m an Aussie so will be a long way from home and therefore not familiar with the restaurant scene. I’ve looked to book De Kas, Greetje, Vinkles, however these are all closed over the Christmas period.
    Does anyone have any suggestions of places that might be open at this time for a special meal?
    Many thanks in advance,

  84. Hello Dutchgrub and Sally,
    Thanks very much for advising my menu!!! We will be open for Christmas (24th, 25th, 26th) and will be serving a special menu 25th and 26th, but after that we close for 2 weeks. So unfortunately we will not be open 30th. Lots of places will be closed after Christmas, I’m afraid, but Restaurant Zuid Zeeland might be open. Just google them and see what they have on offer!! Hope you’ll have a great time. (you could also try Ciel Bleu in the Okura Hotel, Bridges in the Grant Hotel or La Rive in the Amstel Hotel, all great places but very expensive)

  85. Hi, everybody,
    I would much appreciate your help. I am coming to Amsterdam for New Year celebration and now I’ve almost lost New Year spirit while trying to book a restaurant for New Year dinner because most of them are closed. I have tried Vinkeles (fully booked), Vijffvlieghen (closed), Le restaurant, Ronblaauw, Vermeer (closed), Fyra (closed), Sergugio (closed), Witteuyl (closed), Cielbleu. Could you please advice options for New Year dinner?
    Thank you in advance.

  86. Hi Natalia,

    I know how you feel. Have been in that situation several times. Somehow, Amsterdam restaurants and New Year’s Eve don’t go together.

    Last year, we went to Blue Pepper:

    They put together a great dinner, which was also timed very well towards midnight when we toasted with the super friendly staff.

    Curious if anybody else has other suggestions, too!


  87. Hi – visiting Amsterdam solo from Dec 28-31 and looking for good food options. Will try your top recommendations provided they are open during this period. Thanks for all the tips on this post. Would you know of any underground supper clubs or private kitchens that are doing a dinner during this time or any other place where I can meet and eat with local foodies ? FYI I run an underground supper club in Hong Kong (

  88. Hi
    I am managing an exclusive celebratory event at a prominent venue in Amsterdam in April and my client does not want to use the recommended in-house caterers but wants an eminent named chef or institution to be responsible for the food. Numbers could be up to 300, do you have any recommendations? Open to ideas about cuisine but think they want to steer clear a purely Dutch style. Please contact me if so!

  89. Hi Argha and Amelia,

    Let me try to answer your questions together. They are great questions to which I wish I had a great answer, but unfortunately find it difficult in Amsterdam and only have a few pointers.

    There are two great chefs that do private dining in Amsterdam. Both have a small shop that can be rented for a private party:

    The only ‘hidden kitchen’ that I’m aware of is run occasionally by fellow Amsterdam food blogger Amsterdamfoodie:

    Another Amsterdam food blog with cooking service is I have never tried it myself but have heard good things. hooks you up with locals who invite you over to their house for food and stories in return the same on a visit to your city.

    Another idea would be Private dinners on a small boat. Have been meaning to go there but haven’t gotten around to it.

    Hope this helps!


  90. Thanks dutchgrub. This came a bit late as I’m already back home in HK. Would have loved to try the dinewiththe dutch service and the dinner on a boat. Hopefully next time. Thanks again for all your tips.

    As expected most of the top options were closed during my trip ( dec 28-31): de kas, de witte uyl, marius, vinkeles, balthazaars. My best meal was at Tempo Doeloe: a melt-in-the-mouth goat curry, beef with spicy coconut, fragrant turmeric rice and a warm welcome on a cold, rainy night. Otherwise some good beer and good times at Cafe t’smalle, Cafe Reiger, Cafe Gaper, nice breakfast at the beautiful Cafe at de Waag and excellent coffee at Two for Joy Roasters. Also tasted the (in)famous vending machine croquettas at Febo and noodles at Wok to Walk – both hot and tasty.

    Enjoyed the city very much and am sure I will be back. Meanwhile anyone visiting Hong Kong and looking for food options – my email is [email protected]

  91. Hallo!
    Is there a special place you would recommend for a sunday birthday lunch in april? when the weather could be better…for a small group of friends in their 30´s that are travelling…perhaps a cool spot?
    Im writeing you from Argentina…dankjewel for your suggestion!!! :):)

  92. Hi Evangeline,

    Love it that we have readers from Argentina!

    Not sure what you had in mind for the lunch – which budget, which location, which cuisine, etc.

    If the weather is nice – an in Amsterdam in April that’s a big IF – you could try one of the great terraces like Gent or Hesp. See here for details:

    If not, you could try something typical Dutch like Greetje or Pancakes! See here for some suggestions:

    Please also checked the updated version of the Best Amsterdam Restaurant list here: This is an older version.


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