Turkey – the Bird, Bird, Bird ;-)

For thanksgiving I wrote about turkey. My point was that there are lots of turkey recipes and that everybody seems to have their own secret trick on how to prepare the perfect turkey. However, in the end it’s all about the turkey. If you find a good bird, your chances of a good thanksgiving dinner are high. If not, forget about it.

So basically, it’s all about the bird. The bird, bird, bird ๐Ÿ˜‰

Coolio, of Gangsta’s Paradise fame, and currently venturing into cooking with Cookin’ with Coolio, has a hilarious video about cooking the bird. The bird, bird, bird.

It’s so fun. You must watch it.

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  1. Very nice recipe! :). I like studying that website. Where did you get this pretty site template from? Regards from london.

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