Pacherenc + Ripasso + Celeste = Gall & Gall Card

If there are two things I hate about food shopping in Amsterdam, it’s (a) Dutch super markets and (b) bonus cards.

For the non-locals: Dutch food shops are generally small, focused on low cost and much more concerned about the expiration date than the quality of food. And all of them offer some sort of bonus scheme that provides discounts in return for loyalty. ‘Spaart u zegels’, anyone?

I generally prefer the Turkish corner shop over Dutch darling supermarket Albert Heijn and my local liquor store over AH’s cousin Gall & Gall. I might pay a little more but the quality is much better and the service much friendlier and more knowledgeable.

Today, however, I bought seven bottles of wine at Gall & Gall and subscribed to their bonus card scheme! How did this happen?

Well. I went to the large Gall & Gall near the Dam to pick up a bottle of Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh. The same ‘Torus’ I bought a few months ago and enjoyed a lot.  I did enjoy it enough to pick up three bottles instead of the intended one. On the way to check-out, a bottle of Masi Campofiorin caught my eye. Only two days ago I had posted about how much I love Ripasso wine and that I never had tried one from Masi, the vineyard that invented the Ripasso technique. So I definitely had to get two of those. And right next to it, perfectly placed, I spotted a Torus Madiran. A red wine made by Brumont who also produces the Pacherenc. So I also had to get two of those bottles.

Über-happy with my unexpected stash of seven bottles I finally made it to check-out. Fully prepared to decline the usual offer for a bonus card. The friendly customer service representative, however, explained to me that it would be rather foolish to decline. A Gall & Gall card, he continued, costs € 10,- and entitles me to a 10% discount on each purchase for the next 12 months. And with my current shopping basket, I would be almost even immediately.

I went for it.

Did I give in to the system?!?

2 thoughts on “Pacherenc + Ripasso + Celeste = Gall & Gall Card”

  1. I hate them too, though I managed to get one for Albert Heijn, as I was so irked not to be able to benefit from specials at the supermarket. (Not all Albert Heijns are small – the one near Museumplein, underground, is certainly large, as are suburban ones). But I have no idea how to get one for Blokker, for example, and certainly couldn’t be bothered paying for one, as I probably get to Amsterdam (work) twice a year or so.

    Something I find strange in Amsterdam is all the packaged ready meals. Those are much less common in Québec – you know, the things ready in transparent plastic shell packs. Those precut vegetables are never really fresh.

    I have trouble with your site, by the way – keep getting logged off. And strangely, the prompts are in German, not in Dutch, English (like your site) or French (like my computer setting). “Fehler: Bitte füll die notwendigen Felder aus (Name, E-Mail-Adresse)”. Yes, I read German, rather better than Dutch alas – but it is odd.

  2. Thanks for the moral support! Albert Heijn supermarkets and Albert Heijn cards are pretty much a fact of life here in Amsterdam. I don’t know anyone who does not have one. I avoid buying any meat, fruit, or vegetables there – especially the pre-cut stuff you mention. But I still find myself going to AH frequently and certainly want the discounts you get with the card. Wouldn’t it be much easier if they simply gave everyone the best deal, always?

    Sorry about the trouble with the German error messages. The site is currently hosted on a German server with pre-installed WordPress. And unfortunately I cannot change the configuration. The plan is to migrate to a different hosting provider soon and also revamp the layout and design which is still the rather boring Kubrick standard template.

    Great to see that dutchgrub has visitors from Quebec. Has been on my list of places to visit for a while. Almost made it there in December but thought it would be too cold.

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