Momo – the Hottest Restaurant in Amsterdam?

Momo Restaurant opened in Amsterdam in early October to much acclaim. I have been wanting to go for a while, but could not get a reservation either on Wednesday or Friday. Momo was fully booked.

Momo is located on the ground floor of the Park Hotel on Hobbemakade.  It’s run by head chef Anthony Sousa Tam, formerly of Inamo, London and Nobu, NYC. According to their web site it’s a modern pan Asian cuisine restaurant with a cocktail bar. With a menu designed for sharing where you pass plates amongst friends.

The concept reminds me of the Ma and Uma restaurants Tim Raue runs in Berlin.

The reviews are polarizingly mixed – either excellent, praising the innovative food and trendy design, or outright bad, complaining about the high prices and arrogant service. Opinionated Parool critic Johannes van Dam tore Momo apart, awarding only a 5 on a scale of 10 and calling it a loud club rather than a restaurant.

Hope I’ll manage to get a table soon and check it out for myself!

momo restaurant amsterdam

4 thoughts on “Momo – the Hottest Restaurant in Amsterdam?”

  1. hello! thanks for your comment on my post about Yam Yam… I had a look at your post on Cafe de Curtis (a colleague has also recommended it to me) and then noticed you’d written about Momo. Well, I WAS lucky enough to get a table there last Friday – am just writing up my review now actually 🙂 I think I’m in van Dam’s camp though: the food was fine (if inconsistent) but the service was utterly atrocious…

  2. oh. cool that you got a table at Momo! I definitely want to go but might wait a bit for them to work out service issues and for the reservation difficulties to clear up a bit.

    am curious what you will have to say about it!

  3. Momo sounds interesting. I would immediately discount advice from Dutch food critics or Greek gov’t consultants. Likely worth a try.

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