Pizza at Renato’s

Went to have pizza at Renato’s and liked it a lot.

There are few good pizzerias in Amsterdam. Many joints are fast food and combine pizza with other Mediterranean dishes. Renato’s is different: He focuses on pizza and prepares his with care.

The mixed antipasti was a pleasant surprise! I often find these little-starters-for-the-entire-table platters disappointing: it often ends up being thrown together from things that can be preserved easily. Renato’s was different: fresh and soggy mozzarella; crispy bread with cream-cheese and celery; and different sorts of ham, coppa and bresaola.

The beer choice was less inspired. Sure, you should go with wine at an Italian restaurant. But it was hot and I was thirsty, and craving for a “witbier”. Unfortunately Renato does not have any and we had to settle for Moretti from the bottle. Not great, but at least we stuck to the Italian theme of the night.

The pizze were great! Thin crust, cooked just right, crispy but not black on the sides. Fresh buffalo mozzarella. Generous, but not overpowering toppings. And all with a great consistency, nice salty and not soggy oily.

Mine was parma ham with rucola, grana and truffle oil. That great smell of truffle oil alone is worth a visit! Everybody tried a different pizza and they were all good: Cooked ham, bresaola, pine nuts. In each case with buffalo mozzarella, flavorful tomatoes and the right amount of oregano.

Google maps: Karel du Jardinstraat 32, Amsterdam

Web site: Couldn’t find one…