I first read about L’Amuse, a new cheese store in Amsterdam, on Stadionweg, on Klary’s blog. She posted many mouthwatering pictures and a long write up of a cheese tasting. It all really sounded too good and I made a mental note to stop by L’Amuse on my next trip to my favorite bakery Le Fournil just down the road.

Then just a few days later I saw a feature on zestz about burrata, a fresh Italian cheese that is a mix of mozzarella and cream. I love the buttery flavor and smooth creamy texture of burrata. Unfortunately it’s hard to find as it’s only produced in Italy and cannot be kept for long. When I found out on zestz that L’Amuse sells burrata, I had to go there immediately.

l'amuse cheese store amsterdam - burrata

I did go and was not disappointed! The store is located on Stadionweg and has a modern, spacious design with a large wooden table in the back. The cheeses are on display in a large refrigerated display case. And the two friendly guys running the store know everything about them.

I asked about their favorites and recommendations and was very pleased to be allowed a small taste of the cheeses that interested me. They were all very good, but I had to decide and in the end went home with a brie de meaux, a sharp Montgommery’s cheddar and a fruity comté. And of course the main prize, a wonderful burrata.

In case you cannot decide, you might want to check out their web site, which has a complete list of cheeses with full classification and long descriptions.

l'amuse cheese store amsterdam - cheeses

Stadionweg 147
1076 NM Amsterdam
Tel: +31-20-6707559
Open Tuesday – Friday 10:00 to 19:00 and Saturday 10:00 to 17:00
Public transport: Tram 24 or bus 15 to Olympiaplein