Da Portare Via Added to Best Amsterdam Pizza List

Until now there were three pizzerias on my popular Best Amsterdam Pizza list – Forno Communale, Renato’s and Yam Yam. Today I am adding Da Portare Via with its two locations in the Jordaan and De Pijp.

Da Portare Via didn’t make my initial list because it was mostly for take away and had some issues with consistency. Quality has been reliable over the last months and many people thought Da Portare deserved its place on the list. did post about them multiple times and indeed agree, because the concept of a no-frills shop with a great thin crust pizza and fresh toppings works.

The Jordaan location does take away only, whereas you can sit down to enjoy your pizza in De Pijp. It’s always busy and seats are limited, but somehow the order first and then pick a seat at one of the larger table idea works. And the pizza is great no matter whether you stay or go!

da portare via amsterdam - menu

Best Authentic Dutch Restaurants in Amsterdam

My lists of “Best Amsterdam Restaurants”, “Best Amsterdam Pizza” and “Best Amsterdam Terraces” are very popular. And since people often ask me for recommendations of typical local cuisine, I put together a list of “Best Authentic Dutch Restaurants” in Amsterdam.

I was a little torn about this list since, frankly, I am unimpressed about Dutch cuisine and there are better, non local food options in Amsterdam. But of course there is good authentic Dutch food in Amsterdam and I want to help you find the best pancakes, rijsttafel or French fries.

The list is broad, ranging from French fries on the street to high-end dining and from regional farmer’s fare from North Holland to exotic rijsttafels from Indonesia. Please check out dutchgrub’s “Best Authentic Dutch Restaurants” in Amsterdam and tell us about your Dutch food experiences in the comments!

Pizza to Go at Forno Communale

One of the nice things about Forno Communale, one of dutchgrub’s best pizzerias in Amsterdam, is the possibility to get pizza to go!

They don’t do delivery or take advance orders by phone. So you will have to make your way over to Rhijnvis Feithstraat, order your pizza and wait for it to be freshly made. The wait is actually a lot more fun than it sounds since you get to hang out in the kitchen, admire the wood fired pizza oven and watch the expert pizza maker roll out the pizza dough and garnish it lusciously!

Pizza oven at Forno Communale
Pizza oven at Forno Communale