This is dutchgrub’s list of Best Amsterdam Restaurant.

I found my favorites through years of exploring the Amsterdam restaurant scene. Trying out new restaurants, analyzing the experience, returning to the good ones, and exchanging thoughts and ideas with other Amsterdam foodies. Then publishing this list for the first time in 2009 and updating it when a new star comes onto the scene or one of the former heroes fades or closes.

The list has been growing slowly over time and today features Amsterdam’s top six restaurants: Balthazar’s Keuken, Blauw aan de Wal, Madelief, Marius, Wilde Zwijnen and De Witte Uyl – in alphabetical order. They share a modern French or International menu, the use of purely organic ingredients and an incredible drive and passion for food. Yet each restaurant has its own distinct personality – a bohemian buzz at Balthazar’s Keuken in the heart of the Jordaan, Blauw aan de Wal’s fabulous food experience in a quiet alley of the red light district, Madeliefs total dedication to slow food, Marius’ individualism and provincial style in up and coming Westerpark, the rugged chic and perfect dishes at Wilde Zwijnen in Oost, and De Witte Uyl’s way of thinking globally and acting locally in cosmopolitan Pijp.

Balthazar’s Keuken

Balthazar’s Keuken is a small and crowded restaurant located in a former blacksmith’s workshop in the heart of the Jordaan. The staff tries hard to make all guests feel at home and the setting is certainly intimate, if slightly crammed. The food is a set three course menu. The first course usually is a mixed appetizers platter, presented on a sort of elevated stand as the large plate hardly fits the table. The crowd is mixed, from tourists to locals and from young to old. There is a bohemian feel to the restaurant that is designed around an open kitchen with an ominous “no access” sign.
Elandsgracht 108
1016 VA Amsterdam
Tel: +31-20-4202114
Open Wednesday – Saturday
Public Transport: Trams 1, 2, or 5 to Prinsengracht.
Cuisine: International
Neighborhood: Jordaan
Vibe: Bohemian
Price: €50 per person

Blauw aan de Wal

Blauw aan de Wal is fabulous food smack in the middle of the Amsterdam red light district. Given the surroundings, you will be surprised just how pretty and quaint it is. The formula at Blauw aan de Wal is a three-course choice menu for € 55,=. There’s usually a choice of three starters, two mains and two desserts. The cuisine is an interesting mix of Mediterranean and Asian with a touch of Dutch. Aside from the location and food what stands out is the service: Highly attentive, extremely knowledgeable, with a good dose of humor and the attitude of a passionate foodie.
Oudezijds Achterburgwal 99
1012 DD Amsterdam
Tel: +31-20-3302257
Open Tuesday – Saturday 18:00 to 23:30
Public Transport: Trams 4, 9, 16, 24 and 25 to Dam. Or walk from Central Station.
Cuisine: International
Neighbourhood: Red Light District
Vibe: Fabulous
Price: €70 per person


Madelief, the self-described slowest restaurant in the Netherlands is run by Dutch-Belgian couple Madelief and Jean Michel. It’s located off the beaten path on the corner of a small residential street west of Vondelpark. The decor is simple and quirky, the menu and wine list short but quality. You will be welcomed with aperitif and amuse and taken on a slow paced journey of flavors. The dishes are traditional French, prepared freshly from only the best ingredients, bringing out amazingly strong and enjoyable flavors.

Madelief (no website)
Zocherstraat 10
1054 LX Amsterdam
Tel.: +31-20-6122000
Open Tuesday – Saturday
Public Transport: Tram 1 to Overtoomsesluis
Cuisine: French
Neighbourhood: West
Vibe: Slow
Price: €70 per person


Marius is a small restaurant with a provincial style decor and located somewhat off the beaten path. A Chez Panisse trained chef runs Marius with a small staff, serving a semi-set four course chef’s menu that changes daily but leaves some options. The kitchen is organic, modern French. The mood is fun and upbeat, dominated by the chef’s laid back attitude and the guests high spirits from being rewarded by the food for having made it all the way over to Marius.

Website Marius
Barentszstraat 173
1013 NM Amsterdam
Tel: +31 -20-4227880
Open Tuesday – Saturday
Public Transport: Tram 3 to Zoutkeetsgracht or bus 48 to Barentszplein
Cuisine: French
Neighbourhood: Westerpark
Vibe: Quiet
Price: €70 per person

Wilde Zwijnen

Wilde Zwijnen – or wild boars – is the new star rising in Amsterdam Oost, a still rough on the edges but up and coming neighborhood attracting a young adventurous crowd. It’s a bit of a hike, but well worth it. The bare brick walls and rugged chic of Wilde Zwijnen are a perfect reflection of the neighborhood. As is the buzz and business of its large, for Amsterdam standards, and always packed dining room. The food is ambitious, an international menu with a Dutch twist offering both classics and more inventive dishes, and changing for each of the seasons. Spend some time to soak in the atmosphere and watch the semi open kitchen crank out perfectly executed dishes.
Javaplein 23 hs
1095 CJ amsterdam
Tel: +31-20-4633043
Open Tuesday – Sunday
Public Transport: Trams 14 to Javaplein.
Cuisine: International
Neighborhood: Oost
Vibe: Rugged
Price: €70 per person

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Previous Entries

De Witte Uyl closed doors in 2013 when the owners opened up luxury gite “Au Perier” in the South of France.
Frans Halsstraat 26
1072 BR Amsterdam
Tel: +31-20-6700458
Open Tuesday – Saturday
Public Transport: Tram 16 or 24 to Stadhouderskade
Cuisine: International
Neighbourhood: De Pijp
Vibe: Eclectic
Price: €70 per person

De Kas was moved to the Trendiest Amsterdam Restaurants list.
Kamerlingh Onneslaan 3
1097 DE Amsterdam
Tel: +31 (0)20 462 45 62
Open Monday to Saturday 6:30pm to 10pm. Closed on Sundays. Open for lunch Monday to Friday 12pm to 2pm.
Public transport: Tram 9 to Hogeweg
Cuisine: Organic
Neighbourhood: East
Vibe: Rural chic
Price: €60 to €100 per person