Good food at the Pure Markt Amsterdam

The Pure Markt is an artisanal food market that takes places two or three Sundays a month from 11am to 6pm. There are three different locations in Amsterdam, so you’re going to want to check the agenda to make sure you get there at the right place at the right time.

The long line of market stalls is broken up by a few central areas with beer-garden style tables and benches. A jazz or blues band is usually playing to provide entertainment.

Pure Markt Amsterdam, stalls and dining area

The food stalls are a mix of food and drinks to enjoy at the market, specialty foods to take home like cheeses, cured meats or honey, and also some non-food items like clothes or second hand books.

As you can imagine, we came mostly for the food and drinks – and also the lovely early April sunshine – and were not disappointed. There were wood fire roasted rotisserie chickens, dim sum, French crêpes, Brazilian pão de queijo, deep fried potato chip sticks, vegetarian pita gyros, wood oven pizza, mangalica pork sausages and many other options.

Pure Markt food options - wood fire roasted rotisserie chickens, deep fried potato chip sticks, vegetarian pita gyros, mangalica pork sausages.

There also are good drink options – bio wines, craft beer and good coffee from a proper coffee maker.

We first strolled down the market to get an idea of what was available, then grabbed a table in the sun, set it up as our market day headquarter and ventured out to try the various foods and drinks. The mangalica pork sausages were a favorite and the biological Verdejo was decent. We also really enjoyed the crêpes with juicy apple chunks and quality latte.

The Pure Markt Amsterdam feels a bit like a huge picnic where you don’t bring your own food. There’s plenty of good food of various cuisines and a relaxed vibe. We’ll be back when the weather is nice!