15 Michelin Stars in Amsterdam in 2013

The number of Michelin stars keeps growing in Amsterdam. It has gone up five years in a row now and reached a total of 15.

The biggest contribution came from &samhoud places, which went straight to 2 stars thanks to its molecular gastronomy menu and ability to keep its stars after the move to Amsterdam. While there still is no three star restaurant, 2013 saw four with two stars: &samhoud places, Aan de Poel in Amstelveen, which went from 1 to 2, Ciel Bleu and Ron Blaauw.

Then there are seven restaurants with one star, with Bord’Eau being the lone newcomer.

It will be interesting to see if 2014 will be another year of additional Michelin stars for Amsterdam as Ron Blaauw has changed his formula and gone for great food in a less formal setting and Amsterdam would need to make up for two stars.

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