Restaurant Marius Amsterdam Still Closed

Update October 11th, 2010: As you can read in the comments below, Marius has reopened as of late September 2010.

Update March 22nd, 2012: Marius has moved into a new location, just 40 meters from the previous one, and right next to the new sausage and wine bar “Worst” just opened by the same owner.

Most restaurants in Amsterdam have re-opened after vacation and everything is back to normal.

The one sad exception is Marius, one of dutchgrub’s Best Amsterdam Restaurants. Marius closed doors in late May for renovations and to take some time off to find new inspiration. As you can see on the photos, there’s not much visible progress. The inside merely looks abandoned with no sign of work done. And the sign on the door still says that Marius will re-open in September, likely at a new location, but that the necessary permissions were slow to acquire.

Marius is great and we hope they’ll be back soon with a great new restaurant!

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7 thoughts on “Restaurant Marius Amsterdam Still Closed”

  1. Shame Marius is still closed; I’ve eaten there 3 times and very much enjoyed it. I guess we’ll have to check it out again in Sept. to see what happens then.

  2. Hi Kathy-Ann,

    I’m not a big fan of restaurant week. Firstly all good restaurants are usually fully booked before you get a chance to make a reservation (due to sponsoring deals). Secondly, a lot of simple restaurants participate where the € 25,= menu is simply not such a great deal. You can search the blog for more details.

    For some local fare, check out my list of authentic Dutch cuisine: I’m sure some of the restaurants participate.


  3. That’s great news, Klary. Thanks for having posted!

    Had just discussed with friends last night and thought it would be a while before Marius was back.

    Is it in the old location or somewhere else?


  4. It is still in the old location!
    He was hoping to have moved to a new location by now (very close to his current location) to go for something slightly bigger. However, endless discussions by the housing corporations and the municipality and city council are postponing this change tremendously.

    Regardless of all that, I just went there this week and the food is as great as ever!

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