Italian Restaurants For The Giro D’Italia Amsterdam

The Giro d’Italia, one of the biggest professional cycling events of the world, will start on Saturday 8 May 2010 in Amsterdam. Seems that the first stage of the event is always held in different foreign cities and this year Amsterdam has been chosen.

giro d'italia amsterdam

There’s quite a buzz about the Giro in Amsterdam these days with ads, banners and posters in pink, the color of the leading cyclists jersey, everywhere. I thought people would probably enjoy some good Italian food on the day of the Giro and decided to compile a list of the best Italian restaurants in Amsterdam.

Italian Restaurants

For traditional Italian food in Italian atmosphere I would recommend Restaurant Koevoet, the best traditional Italian food in Amsterdam, or Café de Curtis, a simple but good Italian.

Restaurant Koevoet (no web site)
Lindenstraat 17
1015 KV Amsterdam
Tel: +31 (0)20 6240846

Café de Curtis (no web site)
Tweede Anjeliersdwarsstraat 6-HS
1015 NT Amsterdam
Tel: +31 (0)20 4200767

Italian Pizzeria

For pizza, I would suggest Renato’s Trattoria, the most Italian of dutchgrub’s best pizza in Amsterdam.

Renato’s Trattoria –
Karel du Jardinstraat 32
1072 SK Amsterdam
Tel: +31 (0)20 673 23 00

Italian Take-Away

And to pick up some Italian food to go and enjoy at home behind the TV or alongside the race track, you should head to Da Portare Via, dutchgrub’s favorite pizza to go, or pay a visit to Pino who has great deals on pasta and pizza with a big Italian smile.

Da Portare Via –
Leliegracht 34 (take away only)
1015 DG Amsterdam
Frans Halsstraat 63
1072 BM Amsterdam
No phone.

Vino di Pino –
Haarlemmermeerstraat 164
1058 KK Amsterdam
Tel: +31 (0)20 3377637

7 thoughts on “Italian Restaurants For The Giro D’Italia Amsterdam”

  1. Just a couple more Italian suggestions: Mercato Feduzzi in Scheldestraat (great Italian produce, sandwiches, and you can also eat pasta there), Segugio for innovative high end Italian food, Toscanini for classic food in a beautiful room, De Italiaan in Bosboom Toussaintstraat, or the new and trendy Fa. Pekelhaaring.

    oh, and Koevoet does have a website:
    always fun to peruse the menu before you go 😉

  2. Good one, Klary! Can’t believe I forgot to put Feduzzi on the list. Definitely one of the best Italian places in Amsterdam.

    Thanks for the website of Koevoet, too!


  3. Hey Dutchgrub,

    Great site – I also just did a piece on my blog recently ( on Vino di Pino – great place, and I’m there 2-3 times a week it seems. I also added you as a link on my site… hope that’s ok. Thanks for the food tips. Doei!


  4. Hey Jeff,

    Thanks for your note and the link! Is that you next to Pino on the barrel? Will have to check our your blog more in the coming weeks! You gonna write more about the ‘Dam?

    And definitely need to get Pino to arrange for the two of us to meet! I’m there almost as regularly as you.


  5. Hey – no, that’s not me next to Pino… it’s one of his chefs.
    I will be writing a lot more about Amsterdam for sure. And too funny – I just set up the Tomatillo Facebook page for the owners (become a Fan!), as I’ve done
    some work for them lately and really like the food.
    Eet smakelijk!

  6. This isn’t related to the post, but do you know where I can find cipolline onions in Amsterdam? There’s this lamb stew that I love that calls for them. Thanks a lot.

  7. Hi Anon,

    Not sure about that one… Maybe Casa Del Gusto on Kerkstraat has them? It’s a great Italian traiteur that also sells wines, cheese, ham and always has some special Italian fruit and vegetables.


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