White Truffle Special at De Witte Uyl

Fresh white truffles still are a rare find in Amsterdam, both in shops and restaurants. About a year ago I found some at Feduzzi and loved their intense smell and aroma.

I just got word from De Witte Uyl, one of dutchgrub’s best Amsterdam restaurants, that they have three specials with fresh white truffles on their menu. So I thought I’d pass it on to you to encourage you to head over to De Pijp for some grilled scallops with white truffle, carpaccio of venison with freshly grated white truffle, or an oven dish of spinach and egg served with freshly grated truffle.

All sounds great to me, especially if finished off with De Witte Uyl’s trademark chocolate bord!

white truffle

7 thoughts on “White Truffle Special at De Witte Uyl”

  1. Ate their two days ago…the carpaccio of venison was not with white truffles but black truffles although the scallops were with white truffles and a lovely pungent oil.

  2. Hi Peter, we are using the Tuber Magnatum, the white truffle, in all three dishes, so not a black truffle. But I am surprised as well that this white truffle is sometimes very white and sometimes pretty dark on the inside. If you google the Tuber Magnatum you’ll find the darkness described as dark red. When we were using the winter truffle ‘Tuber Melanosporum’ 1,5 weeks ago some of them were pretty light on the inside and some very dark. The outside of both truffles is completely different though. The white truffle is kind of beige and pretty smooth while the black one is black and lumpy. Also the taste and smell are different. The white one smells of gas and has a delicate taste that stays with you for a long time and the black one has a more earthy smell and taste that doesn’t stay so long. It is the first time we are working with truffle and I find it very interesting and am learning a lot. But I can assure you that in both your dishes last Saturday we used the Tuber Magnatum, the white truffle.

    Oh and to Mr or Mrs Dutch Grub, I love your website. I would love to know the person behind it because food wise we think very much in common, which I don’t experience with many people. So next time you are in my restaurant please introduce your self!! (Hope you don’t mind this public comment, but I don’t know how to contact you privately)

  3. Hi Annemieke,

    How cool to have you here on Dutchgrub! And thank you so much for answering Peter’s comment in such detail!

    I will definitely introduce myself on my next visit. Hopefully soon! Will be great to chat about food and wine and our favorite spots in Amsterdam and the rest of the world!


  4. Dear Dutchgrub
    Thanks so much for pointing us in the direction of De Witte Uyl. We went there last week for the first time and were blown away by it. Not least by how enthusiastic the staff were and how ‘gezellig’ it felt. We have already made another reservation.

    As a Melbournian (perhaps the most food obsessed people on this planet), all good recommendations are gratefully received. On that note, do you have any recommendations for food and / or restaurant related blogs in Dutch? Having come out the end of the inburgering process ;-),it would be nice to try out some Dutch sites.

    Thanks for putting in all the effort on your site. You must be helping lots of Amsterdam strays find their way.

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