Café Loetje is an Amsterdam institution. Amsterdammers have been flocking to Loetje for a good steak with french fries and a few beers for years and years.

The authenticity and tried and true formula at Loetje is both bane and boon.

The steak and french fries are good. But the selection is extremely limited. Loetje only serves steak, saté chicken and a few other dishes. So don’t hold your breath for a vegetarian option. There actually is only one kind of steak, a tenderloin, served in a very buttery sauce.

The prices are decent and Loetje has a nice large terrace and also a winter garden. But beware that the wait for a table can be long.

Another great thing about Loetje is its location, near the van Gogh and Rijksmuseum, but off the beaten path. You won’t see many tourists and the simple, brown-cafe style interior will make you feel like a local. The service is, however, is as brash and slow as in many other Amsterdam restaurants. Don’t be surprised if you get an annoyed look from the waitress for wanting to order food or drinks.

Overall, there are no surprises at Café Loetje Amsterdam. The steaks have been consistently good for years, the menu hasn’t changed and the service won’t improve anytime soon.

café loetje amsterdam