Spring Discount at Marqt

Trendy but sometimes expensive concept supermarket Marqt is luring customers with discounts on selected items.

The discounts run until the end of May, with a specific items discounted on the different days of the week. Monday is fish-day with a 30% discount on fish, Tuesday meat-day, followed by cheese-day, veggie-day, ready-meal-day and finally bread-day on Saturday when bread is off 30%.

Marqt is fun to go to with its market-style set-up and focus on fresh, local produce. But it also suffers from limited selection on several product categories and high prices on others.

I like the fish and the bread. So if you want to take advantage of the discounts, check in on Monday or Saturday.

30% discount on fish every Monday at Marqt Amsterdam
30% discount on fish every Monday at Marqt Amsterdam
30% discount on bread every Satruday at Marqt Amsterdam
30% discount on bread every Saturday at Marqt Amsterdam

2 thoughts on “Spring Discount at Marqt”

  1. Don’t buy fish at Marqt, here’s why:

    We bought seabass there, we had a number of issues with this fish:
    – it was sold to us as being really fatty fish, which it is not, it is only medium fatty
    – we were sold two fish, for two persons, even after insisting that we thought that one would be enough for the two of us
    – the fish was improperly stripped: about 1/3rd of the scales still remained and there were some intestines left
    – we couldn’t smell it in the supermarket, but the fish had a bad odour, we threw the fish out because of this as we didn’t want to take the risk of getting sick
    – we payed 16 euro’s for this, thinking it would really be worth the money…

  2. Hi unhappy customer,

    thanks for having shared! Too bad you got such a raw deal – no pun intended… 16 euros is definitely way out of line and sea bass not a good recommendation for someone looking for a fatty fish.

    I was intrigued by marqt before its opening. The focus on local producers and flavorful food sounded spot on. And when marqt finally opened, I was charmed by the beautiful Mediterranean market hall design.

    I am increasingly disillusioned about it now. Prices have been sky high from the start and not come down. Selection has been limited and not improved. And more and more people complain about the quality of the food, even in the fish and bread sections that I thought were the best.

    Would be curious if other readers have been to marqt recently and have also had negative experiences!


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