Spring Menu 1 – Burgermeester

Burgermeester is a fantastic no-frills burger place that serves super fresh and inventive burgers in two locations in Amsterdam. I have repeatedly recommended Burgermeester as a perfect lunch venue.

On my last visit a few days ago, I checked out their new spring 2009 menu. In addition to the classic “Master Beef Burger” with tarragon mayonnaise and the “Lamb Burger” with locally produced meat, the Burgermeester crew is now offering some refreshing spring flavors. During the spring season they offer a “Devilish Chicken Burger” with cucumber-salsa and harissa-mayonnaise and an “Albacore Tuna Burger”. The burger of the month currently is an Asian beef burger with bean sprouts, mint and cilantro.

Spring 2009 Menu at Burgermeester Amsterdam
Spring 2009 Menu at Burgermeester Amsterdam

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