Restaurantweek: Stars for Sponsors

Today reservations for Amsterdam Restaurantweek opened for Diningcity members. Reservations will be open to everyone as of tomorrow.

While blog Liquor & Wine and news site Zestz were still praising the participation of Michelin star restaurants during Restaurantweek, I had already warned about difficulties getting a good table last week. 33 Michelin decorated restaurants are reported to be participating. Even out of a total of 650 restaurants that is pretty good.

My recommendation was joining Diningcity. But it’s impossible to get a Michelin starred table. Even for Diningcity members! Part of the reason is that Restaurantweek sponsors have advertisement deals that allow pre bookings. I know of at least one sponsor’s campaign that allowed booking last week already.

Given that the majority of non-Michelin restaurants have nothing special to offer during Restaurantweek,  I will skip this year’s edition.

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