Marqt Open on Sundays

marqt elke dag openOn my last trip there, I found out that concept supermarket Marqt is now open on Sundays!

I am torn about Marqt, which promises to sell only fresh, local produce. It’s definitely much better than Albert Heijn. But it’s also expensive and inconsistent in food quality.

Apart from the cool market hall inspired design, I like the bread and the herbs. The bread is fresh and has a more flavor and density than most other suppliers’. The herbs stand out in aroma, especially the giant leaved basil. There is a good selection of fresh herbs and they last for quite a while in the plastic packaging they are sold in. Marqt also has a good selection of fish.

The produce that does not meet foodie standards includes the meat and most of the canned vegetables and sauces. The cans seem to be mostly high end brands that charge a lot of money for marginally better quality. And the chicken I bought on several occasions was incredibly expensive and very watery.

Given the difficulties of procuring any food on a Sunday in Amsterdam, I will certainly make more trips to Marqt now that it’s open on Sundays.