Mi Sueño – good, honest steak

Sometimes I feel like having a good steak. And with good steaks, the secret is in excellent quality meat, cooked exactly right and no frills.

There are few places in Amsterdam that fit the bill.  Mi Sueño is one of them.

I went for the rib-eye because I like a little fat around the meat for extra flavor and juiciness. Mi Sueno got that right! Where many restaurants in Amsterdam use rib-eye as a poor excuse for poor quality, fatty meat, Mi Sueno served a steak with the right amount of fat.

As usual, I ordered my meat medium rare. You wouldn’t believe how many restaurants get that wrong and most often I end up with meat that is solidly past medium and on its way to well done. Again Mi Sueno delivered and cooked it just right.

And side dishes are entirely up to you. If you want the steak and just the steak, that what you’ll get!

Next time you feel like having good honest steak, I recommend a trip to the Rivierenbuurt.

Google maps: Maaststraat 40, 1078 HK Amsterdam

Web site: http://www.mi-sueno.nl