Spring, Sunshine, Terrace and Weihenstephaner

Last weekend we got a first glimpse of spring. Friday was a beautiful day – sunshine and close to 20 degrees.

Like many – I really mean a lot… – Amsterdammers, we headed for one of the terraces. Since we went after work and the sun is still low this early in the year, location was important. So we headed to Cafe Hesp on Weesperzijde. Cafe Hesp has a large terrace right on the east bank of the Amstel river that gets sunshine until late in the day.

Another big plus is that Hesp has Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier on tap! On the downside you will have to walk all the way across the street and into the cafe and pick up your own beer. An endeavor that takes time given the masses of fellow spring worshipers with the same objective.

Later that night, long after the sun had set, we discovered another source of Weihenstephan. Cafe Gollem on Daniel Stalpertstraat in de Pijp taps excellent half liters of the fresh, yeasty and slightly sweet German wheat beer.

The weather will be nice again the coming days. So my suggestion would be to start the evening with Weihenstephan on the terrace at Hesp, then cycle over to de Pijp for a thin crust pizza outside at Da Portare Via and then end the night with more German wheat beer at Gollem.

weihenstephaner-stashAnd just in case all this talk about Weihenstephan makes you impatient, they have a little quiz up and are giving away a stash of Weihenstephan kit.

The Incredible Shrinking Biertje

0,19 l Brand beer glassEach country has its own traditions for the size of a beer. While the age old argument of the merits of the imperial pint versus the US liquid pint might never be settled, Dutch beers are certainly on the small side.

A regular beer in Amsterdam, called a “vaasje” is 0,25 l. And a small beer, or “fluitje” is 0,2 l.

Yet much to my surprise I was served an even smaller one, a mere 0,19 l of Brand beer served in something that looked more like wine glass. Needless to mention that the waitress had to make frequent trips to quench our thirst…