Dutchgrub’s Recommended Amsterdam Restaurants

The table lists all Amsterdam restaurants recommended by dutchgrub. You can sort it by cuisine and location and will find links to articles on this blog about each restaurant.

Aan de PoelFrench, MichelinAmstelveen
Balthazar's KeukenFrench, InternationalJordaan
Burgermeester 1, 2 & 3BurgersDe Pijp, Jordaan, Artis
Café de CurtisItalianJordaan
Café LoetjeSteakOud Zuid
Ciel BleuFrench, MichelinDe Pijp
Da Portare ViaPizza, Take awayDe Pijp, Jordaan
De KasFrench, DutchWatergraafsmeer
De OdessaFrench, InternationalOostelijke Eilanden
De Witte UylFrench, FusionDe Pijp
Fa. PekelhaaringItalianDe Pijp
Forno CommunalePizza, ItalianWest
KekLunch, WirelessWest
l'OzioItalianDe Pijp
La RiveFrench, MichelinDe Pijp
Le RestaurantFrench, MichelinDe Pijp
Los Pilones 1 & 2MexicanLeidseplein, Jordaan
MariusFrench, InternationalWesterpark
Mi SueñoSteakRivierenbuurt
Oriental 128ChineseOud Zuid
Pancakes!Dutch, PancakesCanals
Renato's TrattoriaPizza, ItalianDe Pijp
Restaurant AsFrench, InternationalOud Zuid
Restaurant GreetjeDutchCenter
Restaurant Hap-HmmDutchWest
Restaurant LooksFusionNieuwmarkt
Ron BlaauwFrench, MichelinOuderkerk
te PasFrench, InternationalLeidseplein
Tempo DoeloeIndonesianRembrandtplein
Thai Bird SnackbarThai, Snack barNieuwmarkt
Toasty!Dutch, SandwichesWest
Trattoria di Donna SofiaItalianJordaan
Vak ZuidFusionOud Zuid
VinkelesFrench, MichelinCanals
Vleminckx FriesDutch, Snack barCenter
YamazatoFrench, MichelinDe Pijp
Yam YamPizza, ItalianWesterpark
Zus en ZusFrench, DutchWest

10 thoughts on “Dutchgrub’s Recommended Amsterdam Restaurants”

  1. I’m going to Amsterdam in 2 weeks (1st week of Feb), any chic romantic restaurants you can recommend?

  2. Hi Apinya,

    Blauw aan de Wal (http://www.blauwaandewal.com/) comes to mind immediately when thinking about chic and romantic. It’s in the middle of the red light district, but in an old house behind a quiet courtyard. It’s very stylish, but also cozy with several smaller dining areas. And the food is great!


  3. Hi,
    Im taking my boyfriend to amsterdam for his birthday. We are from London, but visit Dam very frequently (few times a year). We struggle to find a really good, maybe a bit trendy restaurant. He likes meat, so anywhere vegaterian or fishy wouldnt be any good to us…
    Do you have any recomendations for us to eat at for his birthday dinner (evening)? Price isnt that important. However maybe somewhere near bar Door 74 would be helpful.

    Many thanks!

  4. Thank you.
    I did have a look at that one earlier and although it looks nice it didnt really entice me… Maybe not special enough, also the menue was quite small (not enough meat on it for my other half!). If you have any more recomendations would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again.

  5. Hello Raychel, maybe Cafe Loetje is an option. They are known for their steak. I have never been and the service is not always positively described in reviews, but apparantly it is considered very Amsterdam and they seem to have the best steak. Also a newly opened winebar with different kinds of sausages, called Worst (I think it is described on this site) could be an option. It is a little pricely but has a special atmosphere and nice small meat dishes. Have a great time!!!

  6. Thanks for the support, frustratedfoodie!

    We’re actually quite optimistic these days, as quality of food keeps improving – there are numerous good pizza places, burgers, more and more Michelin stars, a good range of food events, …

    So don’t get too grumpy 😉


  7. We happened by Le Zinc – et les Autres on a walk and returned for an excellent dinner. Excellent in all respects. Very nice wine list. Cordial, correct service. Enough buzz but quiet enough for conversation. And wonderful antique surroundings. I recommend it highly. What do you think?

  8. Hi Barbara,

    We went only once a while back and weren’t terribly impressed. It’s indeed a beautiful place at a great location, but we didn’t find the food special.

    Maybe we need to try again!


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