Dutchgrub’s Recommended Amsterdam Food Shops and Markets

The table on this page lists all Amsterdam food shops and markets recommended by dutchgrub. You can sort it by merchandise and location and will find links to articles on this blog about each shop or market.

Food Shop / MarketDescriptionMerchandiseLocation
Pure MarktOrganic and artisanal produceWatergraafsmeer
Le Fournil de SebastianBread and croissantsOud-Zuid
Ton OvermarsWineOud-Zuid
MarqtSupermarket, organicWest
FeduzziItalian traiteurRivierenbuurt
Vino di PinoWine, ItalianOud-Zuid
Gall & GallWineSeveral
PuyckItalian traiteurDe Pijp
DuikelmanKitchen suppliesDe Pijp
DekselsKitchen suppliesCenter

8 thoughts on “Dutchgrub’s Recommended Amsterdam Food Shops and Markets”

  1. Hi Dutch Grub,

    I have recently moved to Amsterdam from the UK and am also a food lover (love your blog btw!).

    Being English, I also love my Sunday roasts, but so far have struggled to find any butchers/shops who sell a good range of joints of meat. Do you have any recommendations – e.g. I want a shoulder or pork, leg of lamb, rib of beef etc. that I can roast.

    I have tried the usual stops (Marqt, (the awful) Albert H and a few butchers), but mainly they seem to sell meat as steaks or pieces.

    Any recommendations?


  2. Try Slagerij (Butcher) Zagora. It is an Moroccan Butchers that sells anything you ask for. Once while I was standing there someone had ordered a bladder. Of course he doesn’t sell pork, though. But leg of lamb should be no problem. It is near Gerard Douplein. If you google Gerard Douplein and zoom in on Google maps you’ll see it. Enjoy your roast!

  3. Hi Nik,

    Definitely try out Annemieke’s suggestion. She knows a ton about food!

    I’m not surprised that you were frustrated by Marqt and especially Albert Heijn. They only sell plastic wrapped off-the-shelf products that lack in flavor.

    Not sure which butchers you’ve tried, but in case you haven’t, you might want to check out:
    – Siem van der Gragt, an eco butcher on Elandsgracht: http://www.siemvandergragt.nl/
    – Butcher institution Yolanda en Fred de Leeuw on Utrachtsestraat: http://www.slagerijdeleeuw.nl
    – I also like Zikking on Marathonweg, a small shop that does specials if you call in advance. They also get me a great turkey for Thanksgiving!


  4. I am also looking for similar items but have no such luck. Most get confused and think that I’m looking for a rollade but that’s not the case. What are the Dutch translations for what Nik requested and that might serve both of us better in the future. Thanks.


  5. Lamsbout (met been), lams/varkens schouder. rib of beef: ribstuk or lende (met de ribben) The last thing is really unusual for us. But again ask Zagora. I think they slaughter themselves so they can do anything you ask for. Or take a picture of what you want with you and show them, they will know what you mean. every country has it own way of dividing and cutting up an animal. In France I can’t get certain parts of an animal as I like it, just because they cut differently. So in France I have to think differently about how I cook my meat. Anyway I’m sure Zagora will be very helpful, especially the owner!

  6. Annemieke,

    Thanks for your help. Your translations will be extremely helpful. What about a rack of (baby back) pork ribs? Are there mostly spare ribs and not baby back’s?


  7. Hi Davis,
    I have no idea. I never prepare or eat pork but I’m sure íf you describe it, a butcher can help you. Not Zagora though, he is a Moroccan butcher and obviously therefore doesn’t do pork. Enjoy your roasts!!

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