I have complained about restaurant week Amsterdam several times already, so dutchgrub readers will not be surprised to hear that the spring 2010 edition is again essentially closed to the public.

The problem is that very few top notch restaurants participate. And for the vast majority of restaurants that do offer a restaurant week menu for € 25,=, it’s just not such a great deal. Furthermore, the few available tables of interest seem to be booked long before the public has access to the booking site.

restaurant week amsterdam amercian express

Initially I thought that the solution was to join DiningCity, the organizer of restaurant week. Members get access to the booking site two days in advance. I tried but only found out that all good tables were already taken. Some dutchgrub readers commented about the possibility to have even earlier access through one of the sponsors. And indeed there are special booking page for American Express and also Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf. Booking through sponsors is possible a week in advance.

A friend tried to get a table through the American Express booking page. But even then the top choices of Michelin star Ron Blaauw and De Kas, one of dutchgrub’s best Amsterdam restaurants, were already fully booked.

Seems like the best option is to skip restaurant week.