Tony’s Chocolonely – My Favorite Chocolate

What started as a journalistic experiment against child labor, has turned into my favorite chocolate!

Back in 2002, Teun van de Keuken, a journalist for a popular Dutch TV program on food quality, read about the dire conditions of cocoa plantations where thousands of children are forced to work. Comparing buying chocolate made from those cocoa beans to buying a stolen bike from a junkie in the streets of Amsterdam, he turned himself in to police asking to be prosecuted.

Not unexpectedly, the police did not take Teun seriously and no legal action was taken. He did get a lot of media attention, including a feature article in Time Magazine. So Teun decided to produce the world’s first slave-free chocolate bar and in November 2005 Tony’s Chocolonely was successfully introduced to the market.

tony's chocolonely slave-free chocolate bars
Tony's Chocolonely slave-free chocolate bars

Tony’s Chocolonely is amazing. First and foremost because of its incredible taste! Tony’s has an intense chocolate aroma combined with an almost silky smoothness that makes it melt in your mouth and will keep making you long for more! Apart from the flavor and slave-free feelgood factor, I also like the bright red retro packaging and the large and sturdy 200g bars. Tony’s Chocolonely is different!

Tony’s is expanding rapidly and today is producing milk and bitter chocolate bars as well as chocolate letters, sprinkles and t-shirts. On their web site you can find a store locator as well as an option to order online (minimum 15 bars). If you’re in Amsterdam, local produce concept store Marqt currently has a special offer – two Tony’s bars for € 4,=.

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